Monday, August 31, 2009

For me? Bliss.

Music Monday

happy monday!
..get out & enjoy the last day of august..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i have neglected my health, in favor of having fun.
it's been great, but i think i'm going to have to change this.
i suck at working out.
& i seriously want to punch jillian michaels in the vagina every time i do that 30 day shred.
my "call yia yia, whitney, sara, marciny, elise, jana, casey......" post-it which has been sitting on my desk for approximately 2 weeks has obviously not done its job.
blame the post-it! seriously though, i'm a bad friend. i'm sorry.
i shamelessly rocked out to this song on my drive downtown last night.
& i illegally downloaded it immediately upon returning this morning.

Hey Chicago what do you say?

the cubs are gonna win today!

they didn't, but we had fun anyway.
even if it was so fa-reezing cold out that we decided to leave early.

Friday, August 28, 2009

TCBY in hand.

happy friday, lovebugs.

sorry for my brief hiatus these past 2 days.
things have been nuts around here on the reals. not exciting nuts, just generally more hectic than usual. we're in the middle of giving our house a mini makeover - painting the walls, ceilings, & baseboards, cleaning closets, putting wood floors in. ugh, it's awful. but we all have our bedrooms back which means no more shacking on floors, couches, & chairs like a homeless.
other than that, i've been working my tail off.
& that's pretty much it.

today peter michael & i took my kitty to the vet.
-sitting pretty like the princess she is-
sammy cat is terrified of the car/her carrying case/the vet because the last time she dealt with the afore mentioned, she woke up without her internal lady parts, totally drugged up on anesthesia, unable to move, & in a great deal of pain.
i'm now $240 poorer, but she's been puking all over the place for the past couple of weeks now, so it was totally necessary that we get her checked out. she cried the most pathetic little howl the whole way which totally broke my heart. & then she had to get bloodwork & a pee sample taken. poor baby! i hope she's okay.
i have a serious attachment to this kitten. it's like i birthed her. so if you happen to remember her while laying in bed & saying your nightly prayers, i would greatly appreche.

&&&& now i'm just chillin.
watching 17 again, tcby in hand.
& i'm pretty sure this is how my evening will go.
i'm going downtown with lisa, kristen, etc. tomorrow night, which guarantees a crazy night to come (you may remember this...) + i have tickets to the cubs game on sunday, so i really have no overwhelming desire to party tonight. this moment, at least...

whatever this weekend has in store for you,
i wish you a crazy, fun, animal-puke-free time!

& don't forget to wish sara good luck on her reality show audition at the girls room next week!! hahaha ;) xo!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Get some!

hey yaaaaaa!
today was crazy crazy. full of meetings.
but that's cool, because i def need the money.
& speaking of money, i got my paycheck today. woop woop.
oh! & guess what else... i got a title change.
i'm now the marketing director.
shit just got real, son!
i also found out that patti group is looking to open a second downtown location. aka, my main reason for being unsure about working for them (the whole wanting to move to the city, not wanting to commute to lemont everyday) may not even be an issue anymore.
it's a beautiful ting. other news...
i'm super psyched about having my bedroom back tonight.
my brothers got wood floors put in & because of the staining, we've had to keep the air conditioning off the past three days. sleeping in a room with no ac on a summer night is my hell, so there was no way i was staying in there with my huge down blanket & pillow-top mattress. unfortunately for me, margaux still doesn't have a room because of her closet being redone & the boys already claimed the family room couch & the basement couch.
basically, we had a serious lack of sleep space options.
so the first night i slept on a chair.
i mean, it was one of those oversized love-seat style chairs, but stilll. misery.
then last night margaux & i convinced peter michael that we should get the big couch because we could both fit on it. he gave in, but thanks to margaux's kicking & the fact that it was 83 degrees in my house (dudeeeee!), i think i would rather have been on the chair.

but now i'm watching america's best dance crew which i love. & which also reminds me of jill & whitney - an added bonus. miss yall! so it's all good.

happy wednesday, dears!
hope your week is off to a good start.
& if not, be comforted by the fact that it's almost the weeeeeekend!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall Wish List

have you made one??

obsessed obsessed obsessed.

Monday, August 24, 2009


AH! is he not the sweetest thing you've ever seen!?
i want to put him in my pocket & love him forever.

Music Monday

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i loooooove alice + olivia.
but i can't imagine who would pick this insanely awkward soul to model anything. ijs.
i didn't think you could really f up an eyebrow wax.
you can.
after my quick trip this week, i'm tempted to go back & buy an entire olsen inspired fall wardrobe at h&m.
i'm telling you. adores. i tried on this faux leather motorcycle jacket for $50, an adorable navy double breasted coat with gold buttons for $60, & this super slouchy meshy black sweater for like $20 that would look supa dupa chic with some distressed skinny jeans, my new jsimps platforms & some blingin jewels. dayum!
i desperately need a haircut/color.
unfortunately, at this minute i have $1.65 in my checking account due to recent transactions.
i know i was vague in the posts about erik.
if you want more deets, you'll have to give me a holler on the caller. ;)
i'm really liking this song.
rihanna is just such a badass.

{found over at cruziiie, one of my new fave blogs. check it!}

Do you still wait for me dream giver?

Saturday, August 22, 2009


another way to waste time on the computer.
found is similar to post secret, but it's all notes/letters/pitcures that people have found & sent in to this website. some of them are pretty funny, beautiful, heartbreaking, inspiring.


i actually love gwyneth paltrow, but this is too funny not to post.


when it really comes down to it, life is all about choices.
i'm a strong believer that you chose your own destiny, so seeing this was a little reminder that every choice i make has the power to change my life.

i choose to follow my heart. to work hard. to have fun. to be skinny. ha! call me shallow, i don't care. to appreciate what i have. to make the most of each day. to be a good friend. daughter. sister. not to worry too much when i make an idiot of myself. an unfortunately more common occurrence than i would like. to always remember how blessed i am. to be happy. to make my dreams come true.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I want to be LC.

it's true.


1. last night was fun!
i feel like it's way creepy for me to post a pic, but let me just assure you that he is just a gorge as i remembered. & i wasn't kidding about that channing tatum thing. twinsies!
2. i devoted a few hours of my time today to investigating health insurance options.
about that....
3. i'm 100% obsessed with my jsimps & h&m buys. :)
4. dearest jana, your dance video has not yet been recorded, but i will do my best to make that happen this weekend.
5. dearest jill, my mom has facebook. that is all i need to say.
HAHA. stop that.
6. this sounds so cool!
drinking & shopping - it really is a marvelous (albeit dangerous) combination.

7. i was supposed to go camping this weekend, but i'm 99% sure that i'm bailing.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Color of the Week:

otherwise known to opi as most honorable red.

do you love my new purchases???
i got that top at h&m today on the cheaps! the silver bracelet too.
& that is what i'm wearing on my d.a.t.e. tonight - minus the black heart ring. i felt like it was kind of overdoing it with the ring... we're going out for drinks at a bar, not clubbing. ;)
wish me luckkkk!

Someone PLEASE

tell me where i can find the shoes tory burch wore to the premiere of the september issue last night!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dear August,

where have you gone?
i'm not ready to give up wearing little dresses like this just yet.

i had a 4.5 hour meeting yesterday.
every time i meet with those patti peeps, they want to have 4 rounds of cocktails, apps, dinner.... sheesh. not that i really mind - i get paid for the time i spend in meetings - but sitting outside of mon ami gabi from 3:30-8:00 is not how i particularly want to spend my tuesdays.
today was margaux's first day of school.
she's a sophomore now... weirddddd. & what's even weirder is that i feel like i'm the one about to start school again. probably because i haven't lived here since high school.
i'm meeting erik downtown for drinks tomorrow night.
...a date? i have no idea what to wear. HELP!

Oh the mems...

i miss college!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I die.

i would give anything for these tights.

maybe i could wear them with these boots?
which i very well may be purchasing, by the way, unless i can find a pair more similar to the balmain buckle boots that i am still oh-so-in love with.
speaking of boots, did you get the fall nordstrom catalogue?
i'm obsessed with half the outfits in there! it was so much cuter than the stuff in the neiman's catalogue. i'm especially loving these & these.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Na, na, na, diva is a female version of a hustla

desire to inspire posted this photo the other day.
anne coyle is not a designer i've ever heard of before, but all it took was seeing that picture & a quick glance at her website to win me over. cute cute cuteness.

Music Monday

...kickin it old school...

Sunday, August 16, 2009


this weekend was so fun!!
here's a recap, in place of sunday night confessional - because this will (hopefully?) be more entertaining anyway.
i met up with jana, nicole, & some of nicole's friends for sushi & wine on friday night to get the party started. hey-oooooo! after sush, we went back to nicole's apt in lincoln park for cocktails, where nicole's bf & a bunch of his guy friends met up with us. it could've been the beer goggles, but his one friend erik was channing tatum look-a-like h.o.t.
so after hanging out & drinking for a while, we all headed over to victory liquors. it's not nearly as wonderful as knox st, but it was still a ton of fun. some random creeper came up & tried to dance with me before licking my mouth. seriously. i didn't even know what to do. it's all good though - i made out with erik & he's been texting me all weekend. he's cute plus he has a job & an apartment, so that's 3 points for him.
sushi, cocktails, dancing, & cute boys. yes please.
my cousin nicky had 2 extra tickets to the blink 182/fall out boy/panic at the disco concert, so jana & i went. it was completely sold out - 30,000 peeps. & i can see why because it was the best concert ever. &&& it was free, which made it even better.
here are some pics/vids:

the night ended with the purchase of some sweet concert t's/hoodies & a midnight trip to mcdonalds.
i's obsese & i's okay wit it.
went downtown to watch the air & water show from the beach,
but it rained.
not the best part of my weekend.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Damn that Mother Chucker

have a great weekend!!
going downtown for sushi & some raving (ha! kidding) with yana, nicole, & friends tonight.. i can't wait!
& blink 182/fall out boy concert tomorrow!

Dream House.. Round II

ahhh, i die.

{ughhh, what is wrong with me? i can't find the sources for these photos anywhere. i promise i will update this post when i have that info.. but for now, just enjoy the pretty pictures!}

i'll take it all!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Closet Shopping

have i ever mentioned how out of control my mom's closet is? back in the day, about 25 years ago, my dad made a shiiiton of money in like 2 days. &&& welcome to the good life.
if only i had been around to take advantage of those shoppin sprees!

so while cleaning out the closets this evening, margaux & i played dress up. i mean, come on. who wouldn't?
vintage vintage vintage.
couture everywhereeeee.
valentino . versace . fendi . oh my!
check dem furz.
the fendi is my favorite. & the initials/name plates stitched in the lining of the coats. so dainty.

fortunately for margaux & her tininess, my mom was a size 2/4 up until a few years ago. she was also a size 8 shoe, which means that my size 9 feet & 4/6 booty got passed up when it came to those vintage valentino boots & versace skirts.
but there were still a ton of things for me, like this couture (aka straight off the runway!) versace.


i saw funny people tonight.
it was hilarious! but sad at the same time. i just love that whole cast. i recommend. :)