Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Get some!

hey yaaaaaa!
today was crazy crazy. full of meetings.
but that's cool, because i def need the money.
& speaking of money, i got my paycheck today. woop woop.
oh! & guess what else... i got a title change.
i'm now the marketing director.
shit just got real, son!
i also found out that patti group is looking to open a second downtown location. aka, my main reason for being unsure about working for them (the whole wanting to move to the city, not wanting to commute to lemont everyday) may not even be an issue anymore.
it's a beautiful ting. other news...
i'm super psyched about having my bedroom back tonight.
my brothers got wood floors put in & because of the staining, we've had to keep the air conditioning off the past three days. sleeping in a room with no ac on a summer night is my hell, so there was no way i was staying in there with my huge down blanket & pillow-top mattress. unfortunately for me, margaux still doesn't have a room because of her closet being redone & the boys already claimed the family room couch & the basement couch.
basically, we had a serious lack of sleep space options.
so the first night i slept on a chair.
i mean, it was one of those oversized love-seat style chairs, but stilll. misery.
then last night margaux & i convinced peter michael that we should get the big couch because we could both fit on it. he gave in, but thanks to margaux's kicking & the fact that it was 83 degrees in my house (dudeeeee!), i think i would rather have been on the chair.

but now i'm watching america's best dance crew which i love. & which also reminds me of jill & whitney - an added bonus. miss yall! so it's all good.

happy wednesday, dears!
hope your week is off to a good start.
& if not, be comforted by the fact that it's almost the weeeeeekend!

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