Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i loooooove alice + olivia.
but i can't imagine who would pick this insanely awkward soul to model anything. ijs.
i didn't think you could really f up an eyebrow wax.
you can.
after my quick trip this week, i'm tempted to go back & buy an entire olsen inspired fall wardrobe at h&m.
i'm telling you. adores. i tried on this faux leather motorcycle jacket for $50, an adorable navy double breasted coat with gold buttons for $60, & this super slouchy meshy black sweater for like $20 that would look supa dupa chic with some distressed skinny jeans, my new jsimps platforms & some blingin jewels. dayum!
i desperately need a haircut/color.
unfortunately, at this minute i have $1.65 in my checking account due to recent transactions.
i know i was vague in the posts about erik.
if you want more deets, you'll have to give me a holler on the caller. ;)
i'm really liking this song.
rihanna is just such a badass.

{found over at cruziiie, one of my new fave blogs. check it!}

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