Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hellooooo, Hello Hello Hellooooo

hello, dears!
i haven't been so great about keeping you up to date on my life.
mostly because it has been less exciting than hanging in an old folks home. here's what's been up:
i didn't go out at all this past weekend.
don't worry, it was by choice. surprised? shameful.
jana's coming to chicago this weekend!
i can't wait to go out with her & nicole on friday!!! btw, yans - call me. lets make some planz.
i got a free ticket to the blink 182/fall out boy concert on saturday!!
i've generally been keeping busy working, applying for jobs...
blahhhhh this is the most boring post ever. i warned you, i have no life. whatever, at least now you know what i have - or haven't - been doing. save me.

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