Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall Wish List

have you made one??

obsessed obsessed obsessed.


  1. Ooo good thinking -- I do need to make a wish list. I've only done it for shoes thus far.

    And question -- where would you wear those gloves? I just don't think I'm daring enough to try them.

  2. that amazon wish list is seriously the best, i highly recommend! & you can share it with people (i.e. your parents, come xmastime or birthdays?). pretty great.
    as for the gloves, i know they're a little flashy, but i just LOVE them. :) i'd seriously wear them anywhere - on a cold enough winter day. they'd be a pretty adorable pop of color to go along with a basic black outfit (black pants or dark jeans/black coat/heels or mini dress/opaque tights/coat). hope that helps!