Wednesday, July 27, 2011


i'm beyond obsessed with this show.

love tadd!!

but this is still my favorite performance of season 8...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BNOs and shet.

part 4

and went on living my life, doing totally normal things.
had another fab mini girl's denner at las pinatas.
and went to the sublime with rome/311 concert at northerly island.

Reg Bev Wil

part 3

and then i went to el ay.
whit and i were shameless tourists all day friday, hitting up beverly hills, the grove, robertson ave and hollywood blvd. and we got to hang out with/stay with anne!
then we drove to long beach for vetter's weddingggggggg.

Lake Housing

part 2

4th of july weekend
i went to aaron's lake house in michigan with the boys.
it was really fun. we played catch phrase, went out on the lake and partied on the sandbar.
i said "i don't think i'm ever going to feel better" on saturday night. the first time this year - go me.
then lise and i spent the 4th with our families in the burbs.
we watched the fireworks and walked a million miles to satisfy our dairy queen craving.


part 1

let's see.. what's happened in the past almost two months?

i took off work every friday and most mondays in june.
went to a cub's game with taryn and my favorite 19 year olds.
marciny visited chicago.
we partied - and did a pub crawl.
biggie, lisa, aunt vikki and i took rowan to brookfield zoo.
she kissed a goat and we saw the dolphin show.
alyssa, taryn and i gargoyled post-girls' denner and then we met mia and jay tay at burton's place - open til 5am, duh.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Music Monday

someone to love me

omg i'm terrible. so much to catch you up on!