Friday, July 31, 2009

"Who are you & what do you do?"

"i'm nobody & i've done everything & nothing."
-paris when it sizzles

happy friday, dolls!
hope you have some fab plans.
i decided not to go to the dave concert this weekend.
instead i'm meeting up with lisa, kristen, & whoever else at the wit downtown for drinks around 6, then heading over to market, & probably ending the night with the hinsdale boys.
i'm also 87% sure that i will in fact be attending the absinthe party downtown tomorrow night. i need some excitement in my life. last night's plans fell through - shocking. whatever, i enjoyed a vaso americano of margaux wine with mom instead (one of the few red wines i enjoy). bliss.

i die.
{matthew williamson boots found at coco's tea party.
balmain buckle boots at it's unbeweavable.}
i'm 100% obsessed with everything balmain.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Color of the Week:


with all the new moon trailers leaking, i can't help but be reminded of how freaking a.w.k.w.a.r.d. kristen stewart is. remember this gem?
if you don't have the patience to watch all 3 minutes & 43 seconds of this clip, ffw to the 2:40 mark. you'll know what i'm talking about.

ahhhhhhh! painful to watch.

i think i'm going out with some peeps to booze it up on this
lovely thursday night.
heyyyy weekday drinking.



"the road to intimacy is lots of kissing."

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What What?

margaux & i made these loaded nachos yesterday.
& they were dayyyyum good!
like, a lot better than they look in these pics.
but i guess i better stop making stuff like that
if i want to look like this by the end of the summer.

obsessed with this kid.
& this song!

dave matthews concert in indiana friday
(+ camping out there... in tents... ehhh..)
or "absinthe night" party in the city
(with some peeps i haven't seen since high school.. could be interesting. aka awk.)

Pop... Sodaaaaa... Pop

while google reader-ing, i saw a post by a fellow chicago blogger & just loved the little soda/pop debate & the map that accompanied it.

orphan was the!
maybe the best modern day scary movie i've ever seen.
thank you, kim kardashie. ;)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Currently Loving...


mgmt. & orange san pellegrino.


das disgustin.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i always eat too much when daddy makes his famous jambalaya.
always. no matter what. even if i'm "not that hungry." even if i know i'll feel sick afterward.
i don't regret it either because it's such a treat! my favorite food in the whole world.
i'm really excited to go see orphan.
kim kardashian even tweeted about it, so you know it's good. obvs. ;)
i'm not looking forward to this week.
& i desperately hope that the rest of this summer is not rainy & cold like the past few month have been.
i'm whiteeeeee.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dear Weekends,

i love you.

i enjoyed the champagne of beers while out with friends last night
because i am a classy lady.
...wishing you a fun-filled weekend...

everyone in the world has seen the "jk wedding entrance dance." it's great. now please stop posting it on your blogs. thanks.

Friday, July 24, 2009

"You really like it, don't you? ...Life."

happy friday!
anything on the sched?
i think i'm going downtown tomorrow for the lincoln fest with lisa & friends. woo woo!
if you're in chicago or thinking of coming to visit,
you might want to aim for one of these fun weekends :)


Those are my shoes, betch.

if you love shoes half as much as i do, you too will be awed by
this lovely blogger's recent posts.
you'll also be super psyched about the news that this fall jimmy choo is coming out with a collection for h&m. say what!? yeah. & they don't look like the janky stepchild version either.
yes please!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Color of the Week:

& coral on the tootsies. :)

i went to the gym today.
be proud. this is no longer a regular occurrence.

my dad's currently listening to lupe fiasco & busta rhymes on itunes while playing online poker. haha. oh dad.

Afternoon Dramz

hi lovies!
sorry for being so quiet these past couple of days.
lots has happened. here's what's up.

went to tracy's tuesday night with steve, jon, & danny.
we shared a few buckets of rolling rock, caught up, etc. it was good.
i had some meetings with the patti group guys yesterday.
the presentation i put together for the bag aid product is now circulating around the nation - hollers! & we now have a new client (this construction/roofing company), which means more projects for me. which means more .m.o.n.e.y. for me! so that's all good.
still looking for a full-time job that i don't hate though.

as for the dramz...
i went out with all the boys (plus 2 girls) last night for tommy's last day in town.
tommy went to high school with us. he currently lives in australia. i haven't seen him since hs, but the guys have all been good about keeping in touch.
anyway, we went to kona for reverse happy hour - i've missed it - which was fun, but it was my first time seeing k-unit since "the incident." he's been avoiding me like the plague for almost a month now? & i've made no effort to see him, so i feared i was about to walk into an extremely uncomfortable sitch.
&&&&&& i was right.
at least as first.
i got there a little late so everyone was already sitting at the 4 pushed together tables. needless to say, i went straight to the bar and ordered some hard alcohol before sitting down by ak, jc, dm, sp, & jn - aka as far away from him as possible. & here it gets a little weird.
so i'm saying hi to the guys & whatever when i look over at the other end of the table & see my friends ab & mp who i haven't hung out with since middle school. crazy! so they wave & are all "woah, chloe! how are you?" i wanted to go over there & say hi like a normal person, but of course k was sitting next to them, also waving (umm.. ?) as if everything was totally normal & i had seen him last weekend. no sir.
anyway, long story short, i stayed at the other end of the table for most of the night, hanging with the boys & doing sake bombs, until he randomly walked over and sat down across from me.
"hey, how are you?"
"what have you been up to?"
"nothing. what have you been up to?"
sarcasm in my voice.
"not much. i've been busy lately, working at the golf course."
"oh, cool."
"listen, i'm sorry for being such as ass. i feel really bad."
"it's fine. don't worry about it."
"no really, i feel bad. i'm really sorry."
"really, it's fine."
the convo goes on for a little bit. he asks a bunch of questions. is overly friendly. it was weird.
then belig sp comes over and chimes in with a "i hope you didn't fall for that shit. he's an idiot. he had a chance with you and he f***ed it up. if i had a chance, i wouldn't have done that. you're too cool for him."
...sweet steve. if only you were attractive...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


gimme dat squeezit!

...hope your week is off to a great start...
happy tuesday!

today i tried red mango, an orange cup wannabe.
it doesn't even compare to yogilicious. let alone tcby or dq. ;)
not impressed.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Music Monday

say what's up.

whitney brought it to my attention that margaux's moves were set to private? this has been corrected.

i came across this fabulous blog the other day,
where i found this little quote, originally posted by mr. d (who?).

it was awfully fitting considering that i've been praying for a lot of things lately that just haven't seemed to come about for me. i get frustrated easily, but this quote reminds me that things don't always happen the way i want them to but that everything works out for the best in time.
"everything is okay in the end. if it's not okay, it's not the end."
keep the faith.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i skipped color of the week again.
lookin like a homeless.
i spend way too much time on my computer.
must get out more. for reals.
i've been hearing a lot about ravinia lately. i have no idea what that is.
it sounds cool though, so i'll definitely be googling that shiz. tourist.
i would (will?) totally buy forever 21 furniture.
i want to live in/take an extended vacation to paris.
not kidding. i think i'm going to start applying for contract/transferable jobs over there.
i googled this immediately after seeing it covered on one of those late-night "best week ever"-ish shows.
HAHA. stop it.
i ate 4 of those praline pretzels.
threw the rest away this morning.

Crocs are ugly.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Salty & Sweet

i was craving some homemade sweetness,
so i did a little experimenting & this was the final product:
praline-y goop on a pretzel.
insanely simple to make & soooo gooooood.

makes about 30 pretzel pralines
heat 1 stick butter in a pot until completely melted
add 2 tsp vanilla, turn the heat on the stove to low
add 2.5 cups light brown sugar to the mixture
add 1 at a time, stirring in before adding the next
note: my mixture was a little thick so i added a tiny bit of water to the pot (just enough to thin it out a bit. less than 1/4 cup)
add nuts - about a bag's worth/as many as you need to take up most of the gooey sugar coating
i didn't have whole pecans, so i used a mixture of walnuts, unsalted almonds,
& crushed pecans
note: i think i'll toast the raw nuts next time before adding to mixture
still on low heat, mix nuts into the mixture
lay pretzels on parchment paper
the original flavor pretzel crisps sold at costco worked perfectly
scoop spoonfuls of coated nuts & goo onto pretzels
let cool

As promised...

git it, mama!

i had to put it on youtube because it was taking too long to upload with quicktime. kinda awk.

"I'm looking for love...

real love. ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming,
can't-live-without-each-other love."
- carrie bradshaw

congratulations to my friends elizabeth & travis,
getting married in dallas today!! i wish i was there to help celebrate & dance the night away at the castle! take tons of pics for me, friends. xo.

Friday, July 17, 2009

"My Rap name is Cathleen"

my little princess wrapped up like a baby.
view across the pond.
thinks she's a cat.
the storm that came & went in 1o minutes yesterday.
today's little trip to lake geneva!
obvs taken on my iphone. i moved.
auntie annie's, the ice cream of my youth, used to be here.
1 scoop bubble gum, 1 scoop blue moon.
it's been replaced by a jimmy johns. sick.
upper crust with the cousins.
my uncle owns this pizza place. it's so yums.
nicky & ronnie.

margaux's moves version 3.0 coming soon.


what do you do
when your life's a disaster
and you're moving faster
and it's getting harder to breathe?
what do you say if someone is right
but you disagree
even if it's the truth?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

In my dreams

i ask everyone this question:
if you could choose to be either
a) an out of control singer or
b) a dancer
what would you pick??

i mean, lets be real. i'd jump at the chance to be either. but judging purely on enjoyment & assuming that i'd would be paid the same amount & live the exact same lifestyle regardless of which one i chose,
i would definitely go with the dancing.
i think hip hop dancing is pretty much the coolest shiz everrrr. i so so wish i could master dem moves! but unfortunately, watching stomp the yard on repeat only gets you so far. & as we learned from the guy with the white glove at knox street, "you can't teach rhythm." HA.

which brings me to luam.
how out of this world ridic is she??
..these are my favorite videos..

what would you rather be totally amazing at?

Say what you mean & mean what you say.

4 things you can never recover:

...just something to keep in mind...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I keep AMC in business

& will continue to do so despite my lack of income as long as they keep putting out movies like this one.
i can't wait. :)

"I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it...

that explains the trouble that i'm always in."
-alice in wonderland

okay, i just have to come clean with it.
harem pants are fugly.
why would anyone want to look like they have the saggy ass of an 80 year old? this look is flattering on no one. i repeat, no one. so do yourself a favor and don't jump on the harem pant bandwagon because (hopefully) sometime very soon, this trend will be out. & then you won't have to worry about burning several months worth of photos of yourself in these hideous pants.
i can't believe urban carries this. sick.

my yia yia emailed me this video the other day.
i can't decide what's cuter - the sweet video or the fact that my grandma uses email.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why I love Miley

i read brandi cyrus' blog (miley's big sis)... i know, i know...
but come on, how could you not love her??
this is hilar!

so, my mom bought this book recently & i am obsessed. total eye candy for anyone who likes interior design - or art, for that matter. so many gorgeous looks. love it.
oh, jill! i've been meaning to email you with suggestions for decorating your new apt. since i'm assuming it's all white, as most apartments are, these are the looks i think would be best!
basically, i'd stick with the white walls unless you're planning on staying there for a few years, in which case, go ahead and paint! or even just do an accent wall. but i definitely recommend livening the place up with some rich colors - a piece of furniture, some drapes in a luxurious fabric, etc. it's up to you! :)
{i wish i knew where all these images came from.. i don't, but i recommend checking out domino, la dolce vita, la la lovely, pink wallpaper, & black*eiffel for more ideas & stunning images}
big mirrors/a mirrored piece, picture frames mixed with artwork, & white furniture are an easy way to make a small space look/feel larger & more glamourous. & don't be afraid to mix & match styles of furniture - it makes the room look more modern. i also highly recommend purchasing a little chandelier. instant upgrade!
oh, & if you happen to have some fab louis vuitton luggage, i think using a large suitcase as a coffee table is the coolest idea everrrr!
maybe you could find a pretty vintage style at a thrift store, garage sale, vintage shop?
xo, lovey. hope these suggestions helped give you some ideas.