Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i skipped color of the week again.
lookin like a homeless.
i spend way too much time on my computer.
must get out more. for reals.
i've been hearing a lot about ravinia lately. i have no idea what that is.
it sounds cool though, so i'll definitely be googling that shiz. tourist.
i would (will?) totally buy forever 21 furniture.
i want to live in/take an extended vacation to paris.
not kidding. i think i'm going to start applying for contract/transferable jobs over there.
i googled this immediately after seeing it covered on one of those late-night "best week ever"-ish shows.
HAHA. stop it.
i ate 4 of those praline pretzels.
threw the rest away this morning.

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