Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i always eat too much when daddy makes his famous jambalaya.
always. no matter what. even if i'm "not that hungry." even if i know i'll feel sick afterward.
i don't regret it either because it's such a treat! my favorite food in the whole world.
i'm really excited to go see orphan.
kim kardashian even tweeted about it, so you know it's good. obvs. ;)
i'm not looking forward to this week.
& i desperately hope that the rest of this summer is not rainy & cold like the past few month have been.
i'm whiteeeeee.


  1. I can't imagine Kim Kardashian being the best movie critique haha..

    Oh and that jumbalaya looks soooooo yummy!!

  2. haha, i know right? it actually was really good though!!