Monday, July 6, 2009


all you mac users, have you downloaded the newest version of safari??
i love the "show top sites" feature. & when you start to type in the google search, it shows suggestions along with your recently searched topics.

hope your week's off to a great start!
it's gorgeous out today & is supposed to stay this way all week & into the weekend. thank goodness! i hope it's just as lovely in wisconsin this weekend because i was invited up to the dells with lisa & her friends. woop woop! over here, party over there...
in other news, i just got back from a meeting with dale & cory from the patti group. i've officially started working for them. i get to work from home & log my hours. i might even be going on a business trip to north carolina next week! what a fab job. :)

here's the one & only pic i took at the family party yesterday.
i'm on a mission to get a good one of me & lisa.
family by luck, best friends by choice

have you seen this???

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