Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Do what you love. Love what you do.

my mom sent me this inspiring little link this morning.
i love it. so true. in the end, it's the fun times that you'll remember so follow your dreams. why waste your life? do what makes you happy & let god take care of the rest!

...hope you're having a fab wednesday...
despite the fact that coco (the dog i'm puppysitting) was sprawled across the whole bed, making it unbearably hot & physically impossible to sleep more than 5 hours last night, today is off to a pretty good start.
probably because i'm just excited for tonight!
kristen is coming over with lisa after work today. the 3 of us are going to work out at xsport gym in downers grove (lisa & i went last night... umm, this gym is ridic! they seriously have ev-er-y-thing, including a tanning salon & a hair salon. for reals, yo). then after some quick showers, we going to pick little margs & her braces-free pearlies up from my house & go see the hangover at long last!!! then order in a little dan's pizza (only the best for us classy ladies, of course) & have a sleepover at nicky's!
woop woop :)

have a lovelyyyy evening, dolls.

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