Friday, July 31, 2009

"Who are you & what do you do?"

"i'm nobody & i've done everything & nothing."
-paris when it sizzles

happy friday, dolls!
hope you have some fab plans.
i decided not to go to the dave concert this weekend.
instead i'm meeting up with lisa, kristen, & whoever else at the wit downtown for drinks around 6, then heading over to market, & probably ending the night with the hinsdale boys.
i'm also 87% sure that i will in fact be attending the absinthe party downtown tomorrow night. i need some excitement in my life. last night's plans fell through - shocking. whatever, i enjoyed a vaso americano of margaux wine with mom instead (one of the few red wines i enjoy). bliss.

i die.
{matthew williamson boots found at coco's tea party.
balmain buckle boots at it's unbeweavable.}
i'm 100% obsessed with everything balmain.

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