Saturday, July 4, 2009


{le fashion. i think.}

the 4th of july makes me think of
sparklers . fireworks . hotdogs & burgers . lemonade . lightning bugs
boats . dresses . pool parties . & smiles
:) :)

even though the weather sucked pretty bad here in chicago,
it ended up being a fun day!
margaux & i were going to drive up to lake geneva, wisconsin to visit my cousins & watch fireworks from on the boat (we used to have a lake house on lake geneva, so that's how i spent every 4th of july of my childhood. i miss it so much!), but that didn't work out, so we'll have to save our roadtrip for another weekend - hopefully in the near future.
so instead, mom, dad, margaux & i went over to the borsellino's house (friends of the family. anthony, the oldest borse boy, was my first best friend). they had a huge party with tons of peeps - lots i knew, more i didn't. it was kinda awk at first, but ended up being really fun. there were adults playing beerpong (& winning), american idol auditions, & people doing the thriller dance. HAHA i just love their family.
& then i came home to my brothers having a party/fireworks show in our backyard. fireworks are illegal in illinois, so the boys had to drive to indiana to buy them. it was actually really awesome.
hope it was a fab 4th for all you lovies!!

the color of the week is:
&& red on the toes

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