Thursday, July 16, 2009

In my dreams

i ask everyone this question:
if you could choose to be either
a) an out of control singer or
b) a dancer
what would you pick??

i mean, lets be real. i'd jump at the chance to be either. but judging purely on enjoyment & assuming that i'd would be paid the same amount & live the exact same lifestyle regardless of which one i chose,
i would definitely go with the dancing.
i think hip hop dancing is pretty much the coolest shiz everrrr. i so so wish i could master dem moves! but unfortunately, watching stomp the yard on repeat only gets you so far. & as we learned from the guy with the white glove at knox street, "you can't teach rhythm." HA.

which brings me to luam.
how out of this world ridic is she??
..these are my favorite videos..

what would you rather be totally amazing at?

1 comment:

  1. there was a dude that BROKE IT DOWN like this in this work out class I was at yesterday! saa-weeeet.