Thursday, July 23, 2009

Afternoon Dramz

hi lovies!
sorry for being so quiet these past couple of days.
lots has happened. here's what's up.

went to tracy's tuesday night with steve, jon, & danny.
we shared a few buckets of rolling rock, caught up, etc. it was good.
i had some meetings with the patti group guys yesterday.
the presentation i put together for the bag aid product is now circulating around the nation - hollers! & we now have a new client (this construction/roofing company), which means more projects for me. which means more .m.o.n.e.y. for me! so that's all good.
still looking for a full-time job that i don't hate though.

as for the dramz...
i went out with all the boys (plus 2 girls) last night for tommy's last day in town.
tommy went to high school with us. he currently lives in australia. i haven't seen him since hs, but the guys have all been good about keeping in touch.
anyway, we went to kona for reverse happy hour - i've missed it - which was fun, but it was my first time seeing k-unit since "the incident." he's been avoiding me like the plague for almost a month now? & i've made no effort to see him, so i feared i was about to walk into an extremely uncomfortable sitch.
&&&&&& i was right.
at least as first.
i got there a little late so everyone was already sitting at the 4 pushed together tables. needless to say, i went straight to the bar and ordered some hard alcohol before sitting down by ak, jc, dm, sp, & jn - aka as far away from him as possible. & here it gets a little weird.
so i'm saying hi to the guys & whatever when i look over at the other end of the table & see my friends ab & mp who i haven't hung out with since middle school. crazy! so they wave & are all "woah, chloe! how are you?" i wanted to go over there & say hi like a normal person, but of course k was sitting next to them, also waving (umm.. ?) as if everything was totally normal & i had seen him last weekend. no sir.
anyway, long story short, i stayed at the other end of the table for most of the night, hanging with the boys & doing sake bombs, until he randomly walked over and sat down across from me.
"hey, how are you?"
"what have you been up to?"
"nothing. what have you been up to?"
sarcasm in my voice.
"not much. i've been busy lately, working at the golf course."
"oh, cool."
"listen, i'm sorry for being such as ass. i feel really bad."
"it's fine. don't worry about it."
"no really, i feel bad. i'm really sorry."
"really, it's fine."
the convo goes on for a little bit. he asks a bunch of questions. is overly friendly. it was weird.
then belig sp comes over and chimes in with a "i hope you didn't fall for that shit. he's an idiot. he had a chance with you and he f***ed it up. if i had a chance, i wouldn't have done that. you're too cool for him."
...sweet steve. if only you were attractive...

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