Thursday, July 9, 2009

Color of the Week:

hot pank.

margaux & i just got back from lunch at potbelly
& up at the tivoli theatre in downers grove.
a few things:
1. the movie: i forgot it was in 3-d until i was handed some super attractive glasses upon having paid for our tickets. the movie was a-dor-a-ble. seriously, you must see it! but be warned, i cried like a baby. so sweet, so sad, so lovely. precious.precious.precious.
2. the theatre: i'm obsessed! it was built in 1928 & i would guess it looks almost identical to what it looked like back in it's heyday. i forgot what a gem this enchanting little theatre is. :)
oh, & they give free refills on any size popcorn & drink. i don't know why i do it to myself, but we ordered both. plus a bag of reeses pieces. ugh, fat wish? i feel so sick.

mom kicked us out while a realtor came to appraise our house today, which is why we went to the movie & all that jazz.
we might be moving. i'm so so sad. i've lived in this house my whole life (minus those years i lived in texas, obvs). but apparently my parents are thinking it's time for a change. maybe hinsdale. maybe out of state. who knows.
although we for sure won't move out of state at least until margaux graduates high school.
...what else?...
i've been up since 6 today. definitely not used to these long days!
i had a meeting with patti group people in naperville at 8.
we talked about ideas for bag aid, a product i'm helping them market. & guess what... they're taking me with them on a business trip to north carolina august 5th & 6th! it probably won't be anything overly exciting, but i still think it's cool. i've never been on a business trip before.
& then i had an interview in des plaines at 11.
i might be doing some freelancing for this advertising company as well. they're small like patti group, so they'd like to start me off on a project basis & see if they can bring me on full-time. so that's pretty cool. a little extra cash is always welcome!
pretty sure thats all that's going on in my life.
now i would love to hear from you!

dear whitney, jill, & sara,
i'm sorry for not yet having returned any of your phone calls.
i promise i will soon, things have just been a bit crazy.
jillz, i'm so happy you liked your bday card!!! i thought it was pretty perfect. :)

this is currently my iphone background.
i love it. :)

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