Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why I love Miley

i read brandi cyrus' blog (miley's big sis)... i know, i know...
but come on, how could you not love her??
this is hilar!

so, my mom bought this book recently & i am obsessed. total eye candy for anyone who likes interior design - or art, for that matter. so many gorgeous looks. love it.
oh, jill! i've been meaning to email you with suggestions for decorating your new apt. since i'm assuming it's all white, as most apartments are, these are the looks i think would be best!
basically, i'd stick with the white walls unless you're planning on staying there for a few years, in which case, go ahead and paint! or even just do an accent wall. but i definitely recommend livening the place up with some rich colors - a piece of furniture, some drapes in a luxurious fabric, etc. it's up to you! :)
{i wish i knew where all these images came from.. i don't, but i recommend checking out domino, la dolce vita, la la lovely, pink wallpaper, & black*eiffel for more ideas & stunning images}
big mirrors/a mirrored piece, picture frames mixed with artwork, & white furniture are an easy way to make a small space look/feel larger & more glamourous. & don't be afraid to mix & match styles of furniture - it makes the room look more modern. i also highly recommend purchasing a little chandelier. instant upgrade!
oh, & if you happen to have some fab louis vuitton luggage, i think using a large suitcase as a coffee table is the coolest idea everrrr!
maybe you could find a pretty vintage style at a thrift store, garage sale, vintage shop?
xo, lovey. hope these suggestions helped give you some ideas.