Thursday, April 30, 2009

Color of The Week:

hot pink.


is it weird that i'm posting this when the week's almost over?
i just want them to look pretty for the weekend.

i need your opinions.
i've been wanting to do something drastic to my hair.
cutting it short is not an option.. you have no idea how fug i look with short hair. so i've been thinking about going lighter. in high school i had so many highlights i was pretty much blonde. i wish i had a pic to show you, but that was pre-iphoto days. it took me years to get back dark... but now i'm kind of thinking of doing it again.
what do you think???

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


appreciating this grey weather because i have so much to do still &
i'd be much more tempted to procrastinate if it was sunny out.
okay, back to work.
...have to get all this biz done before...
1. working out? maybe.
2. showering & all that important stuff.
3. finally getting my juicy pants back from darby.
i left them on the kickball field in december.
we've been talking about doing this exchange ever since.
and by "exchange" i mean she'll give me the pants, i'll give her a thank you.
4. seeing obsessed & perusing the mall with sara.

against my better judgement, i started reading something blue last night. i love it already!
the list of things i'd rather be doing right now is endless.

hey watercolor peeps...
14 days & counting!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Overwhelmed & Uninspired

i'm trying to put together a writing sample for the company i interviewed with the other day, consisting of a press release and a pr proposal. i've been trying to do this for hours.
i'm having a great deal of difficulty - especially because the "client" is made up, which means that i have to, in turn, make up all the facts/details about it for this little project of mine.
i'd much rather be reading my library books.
but then i'll be thinking about all the time i'm wasting. all the time i'll have to spend on this later. blahhh.
i'm stressed.
& it's not just because of this stupid writing sample.
it's because my life as i know it is about to be shaken up & i'm a little worried about how the pieces will fall when it's all said and done. it took me 4 years to find the friends that have become my second family. soon i'll have to do it all over again.
but i know i'm making the right decision.
here's to starting back at square one.
it's sure to be an adventure.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wish List...

...i'm thinking that my next few purchases will be as follows...
1. a fitted blazer, similar to the one pictured on cupcakes & cashmere.
so chic and effortless. i need.
2. nars semi-matte lipstick in red lizzard.
3. this little bird jewelry stand from urban. how sweet!

i think i'm going to take a trip to the library this week.
in my 6 years living in dallas, the thought of paying a visit to the public library has never even crossed my mind! can you believe that?
thanks hannah for the suggestion. :)

happy monday, lovies.

anyone looking for a pr job in dallas?
i've got the inside scoop that shelton group is hiring. would've loved to hear about that 2 months ago! email me if you're interested.

Great Indoors

the rain has come to dallas.
if i wasn't able to sleep in this morning,
i probably wouldn't be so excited about this weather.
but i was able to. so i am.
few things are better than the occasional lazy rainy day.
makes me want to snuggle up on the couch and watch sleepless in seattle. but in an effort to be productive, i'll be spending the morning/afternoon sipping coffee & applying for jobs. in my pj's.
..we'll see if i'm still loving the rain by the end of this week..

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i've done bad things to my body.
i feel like all i did yesterday was eat greasy food & puppy chow & drink beer. gag.
and lets be honest, i probably won't go work out today.
trend: all of my sunday night confessionals mention food.
that's disgusting. get it together, shamoo.
i can't get over this blog. this little girl is only 10.
too sweet. & so talented! i'm amazed.
i have this weird obsession with french music right now.
i'm not turning my back on lil' weezy or any of the greats, but i just love having french music
playing quietly in the background while i'm cleaning or playing on my computer.
maybe it's because i have the travel bug like woah right now. j'adore paris.
i skipped church (again) this morning. wah wah.

i love sundays.
tough love & calzones tonight!
perfection :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Friday!

maybe i'll spend this supposedly rainy friday night munching on popcorn & gummies while watching my future husband on the big screen. oh how i love channing tatum.

i figured out a way to wear my new yellow shoes! kept me entertained for quite some time...
i love photo booth a little too much.


to all my iphone users:
if you envied cher's computerized closet organizer system in clueless, you must check out the closet app.

if anyone would be so kind as to remove the rice krispie treats from my kitchen, i would greatly appreciate it. thanksss.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


look what came in the mail today!!
i love them.

tonight i made (half coco) rice krispie treats.
you know that episode of sex &the city where miranda makes the chocolate sheet cake?
...heaven help me...

have you heard the news!?!?
i was so obsessed with clueless when it came out in 5th grade.
i rented it literally ever single friday night for months & months
until my parents finally just bought it for me.

Sorority Life

katie forwarded this email of an excerpt from some rando's blog & it had me literally laughing aloud in my apartment. all alone.
it was really long, so i just included the part i found funniest.
if you want to read the whole thing, click here.
warning: it gets a little inapprop. HA.

sorority life
So I have never understood peoples prejudices about sororities.....
SIKE yes I did... its called jealously. Seriously my biggest pet peeve (along with about 100 other things) is when people say that being in a sorority means you have to "pay for your friends" Wow! You're sooooo right!! I am sure 150 skinny, pretty, southern blonde girls really cant find anyone to be their friends and need to pay 2000 a semester for them.
Let me let you in a little secret... we arent paying for our friends... we are paying to not have to hang out with people like YOU.

I loved being in a sorority. I loved everything about it. So thats why it really grinds my gears when people who clearly know nothing about Greek life decide to put their 2 cents in. I have still yet to see any movie that portrays sorority life even close to how it actually is. I mean.... what the hell are these movies??? The House Bunny!? If you have actually watched this please go jump off a building. These producers/directors.. whatever.... have obviously never ever been anywhere near any Greek establishment and have no idea what it is about. And does anyone remember the show Sorority Life on MTV? WHAT. THE. FUCK. umm last time I checked sororities had more than 9 members and no one had braces.
I would like to talk more shit about this show but I really dont remember anything else about it because I refused to watch it.

My favorite thing about being in a sorority was most peoples least favorite thing... that would be RUSH. Rush was so awesome. Where else do you get 2 whole weeks of looking at girls pictures and saying whatever you wanted about them. You may call this mean, but I like to call it being honest. I'm sorry.... if your senior picture is you standing next to a Mustang convertible I really have no interest in being your friend. The 2nd best part about rush was all the crying involved. Seriously you have never seen more tears in your life!!! Why are you crying over a girl you met yesterday!??!? The way some of these girls cried you would have thought their entire family was just killed in a massacre. Oh wait but no.... they are crying because someone... gasp!.... put their "favorite girl" up for dismissal! So after they are put up for dismissal then we have a full out war.... this is the best part- The girl that wants her gone says why.... then the girl that wants her there says her rebuttal. This can go on foreverrrrr.... most people are annoyed by now. not me! I am beaming I am so excited by this point! fight fight fight!
Example of this convo....
"she has very bad grades.... sorry."  "she went to a private school! oh my gosh! did YOU ever go to private school!? they are soooo much harder and so thats why she has a 1.4 GPA!!"
Next example-
"I heard she got in a fight in the hallway at school. I mean, thats kinda trashy."  "no she didnt!! She was PUSHED! By a girl that was jealous of her!! It's not her fault she has people so jealous of her- they just wanted to beat her up."

I mean.... dayuuuum. This girl must be ballin. I have never had someone so jealous of me that they wanted to physically BEAT ME UP. Shes apparently so beautiful that people are actually throwing bows because they are so jealous. wow.... we have got to get this girl in our sorority.

Ok so with all that being said us sorority girls do make mistakes.
Every year we do this. We are so focused on the girls we really want to get in that a few sneak in and we have no idea. They kinda lurk in the shadows... dont really say much.... never get put up for dismissal then BAM! next thing you know you turn around on bid day and you're like- "what da fuck!... who is that indian girl with a bow in her hair and WHY IS SHE WEARING A BID DAY JERSEY!?!?" That is why we call them NINJAS. They are so damn sneaky! There is a ninja in every pledge class dont you worry. The good thing about ninjas is that people recognize very quickly what they are and they are usually outcast from the beginning... which means they end up dropping and you dont have to worry about them. But again... every once in a while a ninja decides to stick around and hope that maybe after 3 years of never really making any friends someone will magically change their mind. GIVE IT UP. then youre stuck with a ninja in your framed senior send-off picture that will likely be hanging in your room even after you're married.

shout out to my chi-o sistassss!
hope it made you laugh.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's your favorite color?


hope you had a happy earth day!
i can't imagine a more gorgeous or more appropriate day to recognize and appreciate our earth.
whitney and i laid out at the pool, as usual, and enjoyed the sunny 90 degree weather. about half of that time was spent wading in the actual water. it was like a real summer day! oh, i can't wait!
pool, sunshine, pizza, tivo, & friends.
a recipe for a happy chloe.

according to, it's a breezy 78 degrees out right now. at 11:25 pm. i love summer nights almost as much as i love summer days. i would still have my balcony door open right now if it weren't for the insanely noisy traffic (& that damn trolley) on mckinney.
honestly, it's perfect. too bad it's almost midnight. i'd love to be sitting on my front steps eating an ice cream cone right now.
i think the reason i love this weather so much is because it reminds me of home and being little. spending all day at the midwest club pool with my brothers and our friends, ordering pizza and ice cream snickers bars from the snackbar, getting yelled at for not abiding by "adult swim" rules, and ending the night with a bike ride, a bbq on the back deck,
& a family trip to "stop & chat" for chocolate covered frozen bananas.
could you imagine anything so perfect?

i hope that however you spent your earth day, it was as relaxing &
utterly enjoyable as mine was!

"enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."
-robert brault

Selly Chelsea

maybe it's just because i love the kardashians so much,
but this chelsea lately clip is just too funny not to share!

gym timeeeee.
working off that pastazios i'll be devouring shortly.

Color of The Week:


me some metallics.

this beautiful weather has kept me away!
here's what's up:

i had my phone interview yesterday morning.
it went well! they want for me to come in to meet personally
with peeps in the office when i get back in town.
thanks to all who asked! :)

after that biznass, whitney, yvette and i laid out at the pool. 
i got burnt & now have some pretty interesting tan lines. special.

whitney and i also tried out $2 tuesdays at the fish last night.
the service was not great, but i'm all for anyplace where i can get a yummy sushi dinner for only $4. total.
i got the spicy tuna roll (way spicy) + whit and i split edamame & a veggie roll. deeelish.
we probably should have stopped there, but in true form, we went for ice cream after dinner. not just any ice cream though.
simply the best.
yes, i ordered the "mort's favorite." go ahead, look it up. & then be jealous.
not too jealous though. i ate so much i wanted to vom afterward.

i also looked up the lineup for lollapalooza,
the chicago music festival similar to acl. 
i'm definitely going to be purchasing a ticket, so if you'd like to come visit me in chicago this summer, i highly recommend choosing the weekend of august 7-9. hey-o!

well i hope you have a lovely wednesday!
i'm off to the pool to attempt to even out these lines.
..if i can handle the 90 degree weather..

xoxo, my loves!

Monday, April 20, 2009


...not much to report...

jill, whitney and i went to see 17 again last night. adores!
i would go younger for zac efron in a heartbeat. oh my goodness, oh my goodness.

can you believe this weather? i just love it!
i went on a walk/run on katy trail today & it was absolutely glorious.
looking forward to hanging by the pool &
working on my glow with whit & vetter this week.

after lots of email tag & discussions of schedules,
i have my phone interview set for 10am tomorrow.
i.can't.wait. to re-join the employed.

so many good times. so many more to come.

calling all friends:
i've been craving taverna like crazy lately.
anyone want to make a dinner date this week?
call me, betches.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i ate both a taco bell crunchwrap & a kiddie shiver
within an hour's time yesterday.
there goes my healthy streak.
i'm currently living a really weird "in between" life.
knowing i only have a month and a half left in dallas makes me appreciate everything and everyone i'll be leaving behind, but at the same time, i just want to fast forward to 3 months from now when my life will be semi-normal again. i want to be settled. i want the get up, shower, go to work routine back. i want to get back on a path that's actually going somewhere.

"When you get to the end of all the light you know & it's time to step into
the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: either you will be given something solid to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly."
-Edward Teller

86,400 seconds

happy greek easter!!
wish i was cracking red eggs & eating delicious homemade
goodies with the greeksies

here's a little recap from the spazmatics concert on friday:

reverend mark craig spoke today about "living between the steps" as opposed to just making it from one hurdle to the next. god gives us 86,400 seconds a day that we're allowed to use however we choose, but once they're gone, they're gone for good.
you can never get those moments back, so enjoy every second of this crazy wonderful life while you can.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just doing my part

to stimulate the economy.

i caved and bought these lovelies today.
aaaand these too.
so perfect for watercolor!

i basically just want to walk around looking
exactly like this all weekend.
no, all summer.

this cute video found on a cup of jo blog
makes me want to have a choreographed dance at my wedding. adores!
...some day...

happy friday!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


first of all, how cute does this movie look??
{i came across the trailer on le love}

you must check this out.
it was posted as my friend allison's twitter status & let me just tell you...

opins needed.
what do you think of the music feature recently added to my blog?
i kinda love it, but it's so loud. thoughts??

...gots to go...
yay for window shopping with sara :)
how i'll miss north park.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Color of The Week:

because i couldn't be more excited about the return of white
pants/shorts/skirts to my wardrobe!

i have a phone interview this week!!!!!
marciny is in town!!!!
spazzies are friday!!!
i'm hanging out with my long lost friend sara thursday!!
i spent hours downloading music last night!
life is good.

- trip to the grosh -
- work out -
- lay out -


I think it's kinda funny...

that i used to believe i had things figured out.
that couldn't be further from the truth. i know nothing.
that in college i was unable to function without a nap.
my body now rejects the act of napping. & often times, sleeping in general.
that i used to draw all the time. and i was really good.
i haven't sat down to draw a picture since high school.
that i love photography.
i took photography in college. i was awful.
that i used to believe that i could "be" anything
when i grew up.
i'm unemployed.
that i still use the term "when i grow up."
i'm not really sure how much longer - if at all - that is acceptable.
that i am so open to meeting new people and making
new friends, but i'm afraid to fall in love.
"to love is to risk not being loved in return. to hope is to risk pain. to try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing."
that despite everything i've read, heard, experienced,
i still believe in the fairy tail.
i'll never stop believing & i wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


1. i just need to vent for 2.6 seconds about the fact that i am so f'ing poor. my front tire was super low on air the other day,
so i took it into ntb today (thanks for keeping me company, whit),
and guess what they said...
need to be replaced.
shoot me in the face. i now have $900 less than i did this morning.
but i will have a worry-free drive to chicago in may.

2. yay for sunshine and swimming pools :)
&& yay for marciny getting in town tomorrow!!

3. i love lindsay

i found another discounted louboutin site!
what is the world coming to?
i'm purchasing these.

Monday, April 13, 2009

She's Just Bein' Miley!

i just got back from seeing the hannah montana movie with yvette, elise, whitney & meredith.
we loved it!
whit and i maybe, just maybe, spent the past hour learning the hoedown throwdown.
i think you should learn it too and then we can have another one of these parties...



i'll be leaving for watercolor in one month from today!!!

i may or may not be going to see this movie tonight.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i would consider planning a trip to bufu canada just so i could
play in this life size dollhouse.
how freaking cool is that!?
i realized this weekend that i love boys from oklahoma.
up until now i always knew my type was: tall, great smile,
pretty/smiley eyes, "preppy skater" style. i didn't see that oklahoma
thing coming and i still don't really understand it.
i haven't been taking full advantage of my last month in dallas.
i stayed in both nights this weekend! lame-o.
i have to remember that soon enough i won't have the option
to go out & party with the peeps i'll miss so dearly.
i've become an emotional basket case in the past few weeks.
i truly apologize for this, friends. i'm just stressed out so please be patient with me.
promise i'm working on getting back to normal.
i'm far too excited about a week of free chick-fil-a breakfast.

{home shweet home}

Happy Easter!

off to the fashion show... i mean church... at hpumc,
then brunching with yvette and peeps!
& trying to stay away from these.

who would've guessed that heidi montag was so religious???

Saturday, April 11, 2009

If I had a million dollars (If I had a million dollars)...

i'd buy a super chic loft/condo & give it a full-on makeover!
(among other things)

i've recently come across a ton of super cool design blogs & since i have all this free time, i've spent some time designing my dream home :)
black & white . pink . blue . stripes . mirror . fur . chandeliers . sparkles

i don't know what my "style" is but i'm thinking it's
french glamour meets beach house meets urban chic

(almost) all this fabulousness was found at absolutely beautiful things & the domino website.

this chandelier is my favorite.

& if this gem from igor + andre didn't costs over $500,
i would scoop it up too!
although i guess that wouldn't be a problem if i were a millionaire.

i'll take all of the above plus a handsome man & a puppy, please.
and my life is complete.

Lazy dayzzz

happy saturday, loves!'s a little snippet from our trip to the lake yesterday...
morety's pro wakeboarder friend, ryan (HOT), was doing all kinds of awesome tricks.
unfortunately, i was always a little behind.

this video doesn't really show any of the coolness. still fun though.

Friday, April 10, 2009

♥ ☮ ♥ ☮ ♥ ☮

well, well.
if this cuteness is set to hit target in may, you can count me in.

tracy feith for target - in stores may 17th
{i spy allie from the city}

i know it's friday night, 
but all that sunshine (& frigid lake water) wore me out. 
call me 80, but i'm staying in tonight.

Good (GREAT) Friday

off to the lago with mortacai, james, elise, & whoever else is coming.

love you, jesus.
thank you for dying for my sins.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Miss Popular

had to add a few things to the sched.

I hate change...

and everything in my life seems to be changing.
at a much too rapid pace.

Why yes, I do love shopping. And Gwyneth.

is just about as exciting as hearing that i can afford louboutins.

Dear Anne,

happy birthday!!
i miss you, friend. & i hope you have a fantastic day.

here's a rainbow, just for you.
i took this pic while lying by the pool yesterday!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It happened.

omg omg omg
it happened. the dreaded run-in.
you may remember "or not" & my stories of his neediness.
 well i haven't seen him since he textually assaulted me that one night back in november, post-kickball.
as i was walking out of albie's tonight... there he was.'s a little play-by-play...
i walk out, grocery bags in hand, and head toward my car.
approximately 20 yards from the store i see a guy walking toward me out of the corner of my eye. and he starts slowing down.
hmm, that's weird.
so i glance over & then glance away without even thinking.
well, my friends, .27 seconds after looking away, i realize that
i know that guy.
i know exactly who that is.
yep. collin.
so naturally i keep walking toward my car, silently freaking out, hoping that he didn't know it was me? he would think i didn't recognize him? he'd assume i was just spacing out?
no. i'm 99% sure he just thinks i'm the biggest bitch on the planet.
oh well.
glad i got that over with...

and the worst part was that i had no one to tell! 
jill wasn't home, whitney was on a "not date" with ty, and sara didn't answer.

Gimme those red bottoms

woah woah...
do my eyes deceive me?
tell me it's so!

dear casey,
it looks like we won't have to wait until 30 after all ;)

I'm not a saint but I'm not a sinner, Everything's cool long as I'm getting thinner...

yay for this beautiful 83 degree, sunny day!
james played hookie from work today and met whitney and me at the pool for some quality roasting time. just lovely :)
maybe it's the crazy swings from hot to cold that this weather has been throwing at us lately, but all i gots to say is...
when i put on my swimsuit today..... ugh....
watercolor is just over a month away!
unacceptable. time to stop messing around and get back into the habit of working out regularly.
wah wahh. one. torture time...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The "Armpit of America" terrifies me.

ummm, holy oh my goodness.
did anyone watch the sneak peek of bravo's coming-soon
huge italian families, bitchiness galore, actual.physical.fights, oh my!
i anticipate a lot of dramz.

i'll be tuning in but i certainly will not be paying a visit to that neck of the woods any time soon.
btw, did anyone else recognize one of the housewives, dina manzo,
from vh1's my big fat fabulous wedding??
hmm, probably not. i'm the only one who watches more tv than someone on house arrest.


oh, the wonderful world of abbreves.
omg, wtf, perf, when/where/what-evs? puh-lease. we're no amateurs here.
here's to shortening every word by chopping off the end (and usually tacking on an "s"), saving me time and countless syllables each day.
obvs . gorge . embarr . phenom . totes . jeal .  sammies . jewels . sush . nons
suspish . parts . immedes . sils . dramz . goss . peeps . starves . forevs . adores
apols . nast . fersosh . ridic . uncomf

Everything tastes better when it's FREE

while lunching at chick-fil-a with morety and whitney today, i saw that the hillcrest location is giving away free breakfast every day next week.
umm, yes please!
every day is something different, so if you have the time and the means, i highly recommend that you make that your morning stop.
every day except for wednesday, that is.
who goes to chick-fil-a for a fruit cup?? really now. not fatties like me.

how amazing is this designer?
i would love the crystal or white flower chair. gorge!

i cannot wait for the lake on friday!!
78 & sunny? i'll take it.
...maybe i should go for the fruit cup...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday, Monday

in honor of paul rudd's birthday (hey 40), whit, yvette and i went to see
"i love you, man" this afternoon. hilarity. highlight of my day.
{speaking of funny movies, have you seen this commercial? haha.}

mmm so sleeps. going to bed early tonight.
maybe then i'll actually work out tomorrow morning, as planned.

loved seeing you this weekend, katelinda.
you best book your ticket! immedes.
and sara, thanks for the textuals last night. you're the bestest.

what is the deal with gossip girl?? 

i have a new found obsession with lily allen.
here's another little musical treat for you.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i've all but shamed god with my complete failure when it comes to having "given up" fried food for lent.
i can't seem to get it through my head that no job = no money.
tea parties, dresses, jewels... why aren't these things free?
maybe i should just get a large blog following & talk about everything i want so they'll send me goodies as a "thanks" for the friendly mention?
i've fallen into a rut.
but it's helped me realize that i absolutely need to shake things up & that this move is the best thing that could happen to me right now. every day seems to confirm that i'm making the right decision. and that's a good feeling.

although this afternoon's tea party did not turn out as planned, i still had a lovely time with katie, whitney, and casey

Saturday, April 4, 2009


1. yay for tomorrow
baking treats :)

2. is anyone staying in dallas for easter?
i convinced my parents to let me use my would-be-easter-flight-money
towards my watercolor trip.
well worth it, i'd say.

3. i will own these.
i'm in love.

4. i'm obsessed with this song.