Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It happened.

omg omg omg
it happened. the dreaded run-in.
you may remember "or not" & my stories of his neediness.
 well i haven't seen him since he textually assaulted me that one night back in november, post-kickball.
as i was walking out of albie's tonight... there he was.'s a little play-by-play...
i walk out, grocery bags in hand, and head toward my car.
approximately 20 yards from the store i see a guy walking toward me out of the corner of my eye. and he starts slowing down.
hmm, that's weird.
so i glance over & then glance away without even thinking.
well, my friends, .27 seconds after looking away, i realize that
i know that guy.
i know exactly who that is.
yep. collin.
so naturally i keep walking toward my car, silently freaking out, hoping that he didn't know it was me? he would think i didn't recognize him? he'd assume i was just spacing out?
no. i'm 99% sure he just thinks i'm the biggest bitch on the planet.
oh well.
glad i got that over with...

and the worst part was that i had no one to tell! 
jill wasn't home, whitney was on a "not date" with ty, and sara didn't answer.

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