Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i would consider planning a trip to bufu canada just so i could
play in this life size dollhouse.
how freaking cool is that!?
i realized this weekend that i love boys from oklahoma.
up until now i always knew my type was: tall, great smile,
pretty/smiley eyes, "preppy skater" style. i didn't see that oklahoma
thing coming and i still don't really understand it.
i haven't been taking full advantage of my last month in dallas.
i stayed in both nights this weekend! lame-o.
i have to remember that soon enough i won't have the option
to go out & party with the peeps i'll miss so dearly.
i've become an emotional basket case in the past few weeks.
i truly apologize for this, friends. i'm just stressed out so please be patient with me.
promise i'm working on getting back to normal.
i'm far too excited about a week of free chick-fil-a breakfast.

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