Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sorority Life

katie forwarded this email of an excerpt from some rando's blog & it had me literally laughing aloud in my apartment. all alone.
it was really long, so i just included the part i found funniest.
if you want to read the whole thing, click here.
warning: it gets a little inapprop. HA.

sorority life
So I have never understood peoples prejudices about sororities.....
SIKE yes I did... its called jealously. Seriously my biggest pet peeve (along with about 100 other things) is when people say that being in a sorority means you have to "pay for your friends" Wow! You're sooooo right!! I am sure 150 skinny, pretty, southern blonde girls really cant find anyone to be their friends and need to pay 2000 a semester for them.
Let me let you in a little secret... we arent paying for our friends... we are paying to not have to hang out with people like YOU.

I loved being in a sorority. I loved everything about it. So thats why it really grinds my gears when people who clearly know nothing about Greek life decide to put their 2 cents in. I have still yet to see any movie that portrays sorority life even close to how it actually is. I mean.... what the hell are these movies??? The House Bunny!? If you have actually watched this please go jump off a building. These producers/directors.. whatever.... have obviously never ever been anywhere near any Greek establishment and have no idea what it is about. And does anyone remember the show Sorority Life on MTV? WHAT. THE. FUCK. umm last time I checked sororities had more than 9 members and no one had braces.
I would like to talk more shit about this show but I really dont remember anything else about it because I refused to watch it.

My favorite thing about being in a sorority was most peoples least favorite thing... that would be RUSH. Rush was so awesome. Where else do you get 2 whole weeks of looking at girls pictures and saying whatever you wanted about them. You may call this mean, but I like to call it being honest. I'm sorry.... if your senior picture is you standing next to a Mustang convertible I really have no interest in being your friend. The 2nd best part about rush was all the crying involved. Seriously you have never seen more tears in your life!!! Why are you crying over a girl you met yesterday!??!? The way some of these girls cried you would have thought their entire family was just killed in a massacre. Oh wait but no.... they are crying because someone... gasp!.... put their "favorite girl" up for dismissal! So after they are put up for dismissal then we have a full out war.... this is the best part- The girl that wants her gone says why.... then the girl that wants her there says her rebuttal. This can go on foreverrrrr.... most people are annoyed by now. not me! I am beaming I am so excited by this point! fight fight fight!
Example of this convo....
"she has very bad grades.... sorry."  "she went to a private school! oh my gosh! did YOU ever go to private school!? they are soooo much harder and so thats why she has a 1.4 GPA!!"
Next example-
"I heard she got in a fight in the hallway at school. I mean, thats kinda trashy."  "no she didnt!! She was PUSHED! By a girl that was jealous of her!! It's not her fault she has people so jealous of her- they just wanted to beat her up."

I mean.... dayuuuum. This girl must be ballin. I have never had someone so jealous of me that they wanted to physically BEAT ME UP. Shes apparently so beautiful that people are actually throwing bows because they are so jealous. wow.... we have got to get this girl in our sorority.

Ok so with all that being said us sorority girls do make mistakes.
Every year we do this. We are so focused on the girls we really want to get in that a few sneak in and we have no idea. They kinda lurk in the shadows... dont really say much.... never get put up for dismissal then BAM! next thing you know you turn around on bid day and you're like- "what da fuck!... who is that indian girl with a bow in her hair and WHY IS SHE WEARING A BID DAY JERSEY!?!?" That is why we call them NINJAS. They are so damn sneaky! There is a ninja in every pledge class dont you worry. The good thing about ninjas is that people recognize very quickly what they are and they are usually outcast from the beginning... which means they end up dropping and you dont have to worry about them. But again... every once in a while a ninja decides to stick around and hope that maybe after 3 years of never really making any friends someone will magically change their mind. GIVE IT UP. then youre stuck with a ninja in your framed senior send-off picture that will likely be hanging in your room even after you're married.

shout out to my chi-o sistassss!
hope it made you laugh.

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