Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Color of The Week:


me some metallics.

this beautiful weather has kept me away!
here's what's up:

i had my phone interview yesterday morning.
it went well! they want for me to come in to meet personally
with peeps in the office when i get back in town.
thanks to all who asked! :)

after that biznass, whitney, yvette and i laid out at the pool. 
i got burnt & now have some pretty interesting tan lines. special.

whitney and i also tried out $2 tuesdays at the fish last night.
the service was not great, but i'm all for anyplace where i can get a yummy sushi dinner for only $4. total.
i got the spicy tuna roll (way spicy) + whit and i split edamame & a veggie roll. deeelish.
we probably should have stopped there, but in true form, we went for ice cream after dinner. not just any ice cream though.
simply the best.
yes, i ordered the "mort's favorite." go ahead, look it up. & then be jealous.
not too jealous though. i ate so much i wanted to vom afterward.

i also looked up the lineup for lollapalooza,
the chicago music festival similar to acl. 
i'm definitely going to be purchasing a ticket, so if you'd like to come visit me in chicago this summer, i highly recommend choosing the weekend of august 7-9. hey-o!

well i hope you have a lovely wednesday!
i'm off to the pool to attempt to even out these lines.
..if i can handle the 90 degree weather..

xoxo, my loves!

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  1. Just to avoid any possible awkwardness, I refuse to stand within 3 feet of you in any and all upcoming pictures. My paleness has reached an all time high (or low?) due to the fact that the sun and warmth only like to come to Dallas in the middle of the week. Enjoy every freakin' ray for me! xoxo