Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's your favorite color?


hope you had a happy earth day!
i can't imagine a more gorgeous or more appropriate day to recognize and appreciate our earth.
whitney and i laid out at the pool, as usual, and enjoyed the sunny 90 degree weather. about half of that time was spent wading in the actual water. it was like a real summer day! oh, i can't wait!
pool, sunshine, pizza, tivo, & friends.
a recipe for a happy chloe.

according to, it's a breezy 78 degrees out right now. at 11:25 pm. i love summer nights almost as much as i love summer days. i would still have my balcony door open right now if it weren't for the insanely noisy traffic (& that damn trolley) on mckinney.
honestly, it's perfect. too bad it's almost midnight. i'd love to be sitting on my front steps eating an ice cream cone right now.
i think the reason i love this weather so much is because it reminds me of home and being little. spending all day at the midwest club pool with my brothers and our friends, ordering pizza and ice cream snickers bars from the snackbar, getting yelled at for not abiding by "adult swim" rules, and ending the night with a bike ride, a bbq on the back deck,
& a family trip to "stop & chat" for chocolate covered frozen bananas.
could you imagine anything so perfect?

i hope that however you spent your earth day, it was as relaxing &
utterly enjoyable as mine was!

"enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."
-robert brault

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