Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i miss my dallasies.
but evenings like this make me so happy to be home.
i'm slowly becoming an alch.
i've been to tracy's tavern 4 (5?) times since moving back a week and a half ago.
i slept through church again this week.
maybe it's because i didn't get home until 4? maybe.
i've been horr.ib.le at keeping in touch with you, friends.
i'm sorry. i promise to make it my business to catch up with each of you very soon.
i'm really happy again. i feel like my life is starting to get back on track.

i'm on the hunt for a sequin jacket like this one, but in gray/silver.
and $700 less, please.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pistachios are addictive & Susan Boyle is overrated.

the wood floors are looking fab now that they've been stained & sealed! it's still wet though, so until tomorrow afternoon, i'll be living in margaux's room.
ch-ch-check it out!


in one day, i recieved all of the following compliments:
i look like i belong on the hills
i'm stylish & pretty
i'm invited to vegas with "the girls" in august
all the guys "think i'm awesome"
according to vince
& kyle has a crush on me
kyle is hot! :) if you need a boost in self esteem, come to chicago..
or drink for 10 hrs straight & people are bound to throw some compliments your way, ha!

and yes, i drank for 10 hours yesterday.
not constant, but still. that's absurd. tailgate style.
i took the train downtown to meet my cousin lisa & some of her work/not work friends for happy hour. lisa works at the board of trade so she gets off work at 2pm.
we went to citizen on erie first. it's a rooftop patio bar & so fun! morgan made friends with nick the bartender so we got 2 rounds of free shots (for 7 girls. that's love). & they had the b.e.s.t. sweet tea lemonade vodka drink.
we left at 6:30ish, at which point we headed over to bull & bear. bobby the bouncer is hotttt. like male underwear model hot. we're totally going there when you come visit me!
took the 10:40 train home... vince, aaron, & some other dude picked me up from the hinsdale station at 11:15 & we headed over to tracy's tavern. again. kyle & steve met up & then i felt like i was going to die.
omg. quite a friday.

hey pearl, why you gotta deactivate your fb & break my heart like that?
if you could also put your wall back up, that'd be delightful.


Thursday, May 28, 2009


remember this gem?

this was my favorite song in 6th grade.
along with celine dion's it's all coming back to me now.
what a strange child.

Color of the Week:

sweet sparkly pink.
it's a little sheer for my taste,
but i thought it was appropriate for the interview.
which went well, by the way!
thanks for all the texts & thoughts, friends. :)
so i'm thinking that i'll do something a little more fun for the weekend.
any fun plans??
i'm supposed to go to this cocktail party with my parents tonight. apparently the main "heartthrob" actor from the movie bella will be there. i've never heard of the movie (it came out in 2006?), but whatevs. lets be honest, i have nothing better to do.
other than go shopping at urban, that is.

sorry about the insanely awkward pic.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

She Don't Believe in Shooting Stars, But She Believes in Shoes & Cars...

yes please!
i would totally wear this.

so i'm thinking that i'm going to have to make this my little weekend project. i saw the idea on the swoonworthy blog, which was taken from maegan. being on a budget, i think it's just too cute not to try.

speaking of a budget, have you heard the news???
urban is having a $5 sale this weekend online & in stores.
you know where to find me.

margaux showed me this video the other night.
it's long & starts off slow, but do yourself a favor &
just watch from 4:10 - 5:10.
"you know you breathin heavy as hell, i know you hungry." HAHA.

this one is pretty funny too.

i have an interview tomorrow morning.
hey yaaaaa.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


today, my sister & i got free tickets to the cubs game. an hour or so before the game, it started raining. 15 minutes into on our drive downtown it started pouring so hard that i couldn't see out the windshield. sure that the game would be called off, my dad called & recommended that i turn around and head back home. 5 minutes from home, we got another call from dad saying that the game was on. 2 minutes later: "oh & the cubs are winning, 2-0."

i love cubs games.
to me, they epitomize chicago summers.
rain or shine, margs and i were set on going. we even got all decked out in our cubbies gear.
& daaaaang we looked good. in the loyal fan sort of way.
marce, remember when we bought cubs t-shirts for the game when you were here?? therioooooooo(t)! well i still have mine & i love it.
oh well. as bummed as i was to miss out on an evening of cubs, ballpark hotdogs & cold miller light (perfection!), i can't deny that the yummy dinner i came home to, the mini chocolate chip ice cream sammy snack, & the thunderstorm i'm currently enjoying all did the job of keeping the inclement weather from ruining my evening.

..& now i'm off to bed..
nighty night, lovies.

in case you were wondering, the cubs won.

Root Root Root for the Cubbies...

i watched breakfast at tiffany's today.
i just love that movie.

margaux and i are going to the cubs game tonight!
i hope it doesn't get rained out.  this weather is so strange.
-happy tuesday-

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday (Monday) Night Confessional

i skipped sunday night confessional in favor of going out with my new friends last night.
the fact that i have no friends, as already established, has left me without a choice - i take whatever i can get. so when i saw vince, one of my high school guy friends (literally haven't hung out with or talked to him since soph/jr year of hs), out at tracy's tavern on saturday night while hanging with my brother, cousin, & their friends & he asked for my number, i gave it to him. he texted me last night saying that a bunch of guys were hanging at this kid jon campbell's house & that i should come... so i went over there after our little family gathering.
i now have at least 6 new guy friends that we can hang out with when you come visit me. holler!
i haven't worked out or gone to church since before watercolor.
i've also been eating like it's the holidays.
i made margaux go to tcby with me the other night. it made me think of whitney & jill. tears.
i have a new crush. his name is jon.
if things don't work out with him, kyle & jon c are really cute too. ;)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thinking of You

and missing your
witch stories, chocolate milk, jewelry box, bingo games, & hugs.

happy birthday, nana

Saturday, May 23, 2009


peter michael
my aunts
billy (nick's friend)

there are only two people i'm not related to on that list.
four of them are in my immediate family.
& i think the fact that i had to clarify that billy is nick's friend means that he probably shouldn't be on there, but he invited me out to celebrate his bday with nick & their friends tonight. pity invite. sadly, i'll probably go.
oh my life.

Hey Pearlllll...

watercolor 2.0
take me back right now please.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Color(s) of The Week:

oh my! i totally forgot to do the color of the week!
well well, this is just unacceptable.
i promise i'll get back to blogging regularly - things have just been a little crazy lately, what with unpacking, moving all my shizzie into my room, looking for a job, catching up with peeps, etc. but that is neither here nor there. this week's colors are....

& blue.

in honor of memorial day weekend.
god bless america.
are you doing anything exciting?
we're having a bbq/grill & chill party at our house. my aunt vikki, uncle rick, cousins lisa, michael, nicky & karen are all coming over for yummy food. & fab company, obvs.

guess what...
i'm getting wood floors put in my bedroom! hey pearl!
my room smells like cat pee pee. it's so freaking nast.
another fun fact: i'm allerg to cats. we have 3 of them.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Je suis rentrée!

i'm home!
i was going to holler atcha yesterday, but i was totally drained from the hours and hours spent on the road the past two days.
i made sure to documented the experience with plenty of pictorals though, so here you go....

first stop: still in texas.
oh sweet arkansas.
we made it to memphis!
dinner at blues city cafe.
"best meal on beale." it was good.
crossing the mississippi river, bright & early.
peace, memphis!
finallyyyy in illinois.
we stopped at the "trail of tears" rest stop.
please note the red mark. approx 7 hrs to go.
please just look at this pic for a second. those are tires.
we got the best bbq everrrr at 17th street bar & grill in
southern illinois. how random.
bbq nachos & pulled pork sammies. um, to die.
getting closer...
22nd st = oak brook!

waking up in my bed this morning was way weird. it still hasn't really hit me that i live here now. i just feel like i'm on vacation. i guess it is a mini vacation though - a vacation from bills & stress. umm, i'll take it!

i've fallen behind on all of my shows.
it's driving me crazy that i don't have tivo in my room.