Friday, May 1, 2009


this picture makes me happy.
i love love love that missoni dress!
and the booties. and the hair and sun-g's.
yes please to all of it!

so, i never caved & did the 20 random things on fb, but i'm a big fan of lists & obviously not a very private person - as evidenced by this
public blog.
so here's my list of 20 rands:
1. i am absolutely obsessed with blogging. it's like a journal and a photo album in one. bliss!
2. i think blogging has made me even worse - if possible - at keeping in touch (emailing, calling, texting) people. oops, sorry friends.
3. i love the smell of books. and paint.
4. i'm really good at quoting movies.
even if i've only seen a movie once, i probably remember several lines.
5. movies i have memorized: wedding crashers, liar liar, how to lose a guy in 10 days...
there's more...
6. sometimes i find myself living in the past.
7. i was the first invitro baby born in illinois. i was on the news, HA.
8. my brother nick was the first baby in the nation (world?) to be born naturally after an ivf baby. how crazy is that!?
9. i still cry every time i read the giving tree.
10. i'm a bit of a hypochondriac. i get my paranoia from my mom. fact.
11. i still sometimes wonder if colors look the same to everyone. like, does the green i see look like your purple?? trippy.
12. i love jewels. all jewels. big jewels. but diamonds, emeralds, & yellow stones are my favorite.
13. i wanted to be a fashion designer when i was little. or a fashion magazine editor.
14. i have a weird obsession with grammar when it comes to any formal writing.
15. i want to go sky diving.
16. i love rollercoasters.
17. i don't think i've ever really been in love.
18. i'm extremely independent (to the point of stubbornness), but i rely on the people i trust a great deal. & i get lonely easily.
19. i'm seriously obsessed with reality tv - especially involving celebs.
20. as much as i like going out and being social, i would choose having an "in" night with my besties or my family any day of the week.

happy friday, dolls
yay may!


  1. #7 and #8 are so incredible. I love that I didnt know that about you/your family...learn something new everyday! And YAY to #20...wish I was around for "nights in".

  2. #3 Hope you love reading 'em too!
    #7 And on the cover of the Sunday Chicago Tribune, also DJ's Eddie n Jobo sang a song about you Chloe B96 radio
    #8 Yep, Nicky was the first documented Spontaneous Conception in the world. I should have named him Adam--sins and all!
    #9 Me too, me too!
    #10 LOL but I resent that!!
    #15 Please don't tell me when...
    #18 That's so you darling!
    #20 Welcome Home Soon... Wait this one will get old quick! Invite your Dallas friends to come and stay for a while. With so much love, Momma xxx ooo heart