Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Je suis rentrée!

i'm home!
i was going to holler atcha yesterday, but i was totally drained from the hours and hours spent on the road the past two days.
i made sure to documented the experience with plenty of pictorals though, so here you go....

first stop: still in texas.
oh sweet arkansas.
we made it to memphis!
dinner at blues city cafe.
"best meal on beale." it was good.
crossing the mississippi river, bright & early.
peace, memphis!
finallyyyy in illinois.
we stopped at the "trail of tears" rest stop.
please note the red mark. approx 7 hrs to go.
please just look at this pic for a second. those are tires.
we got the best bbq everrrr at 17th street bar & grill in
southern illinois. how random.
bbq nachos & pulled pork sammies. um, to die.
getting closer...
22nd st = oak brook!

waking up in my bed this morning was way weird. it still hasn't really hit me that i live here now. i just feel like i'm on vacation. i guess it is a mini vacation though - a vacation from bills & stress. umm, i'll take it!

i've fallen behind on all of my shows.
it's driving me crazy that i don't have tivo in my room.

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