Friday, May 8, 2009

Dance All Night & Dance All Day....

i dreamt last night that my mom and i took an impromptu trip to paris for no reason at all. umm, i wish! i don't remember much from the dream, but i do remember some fabulous fashion, gorgeous buildings, and updating my mobile fb & twitter statuses to "j'adore paris!" HAHA addicted much?

this is my very last weekend in dallas.
can you believe it??
time has both flown by and moved at a glacial pace at the same time.

cheers to my fabulous (irreplaceable) friends &
all the fun times we've had together!
lets live it up for old times, dolls.
hopefully we'll spot someone wearing one of these out tonight.
here's to breaking it down on the dance floor - ramona style!

..omg i'm dying..

lucky magazine posted a spring fashion wish list & it got me thinking about all the things i would purchase if i had an endless supply of money. here's my list:
& i just have to say,
i am in love with georgina goodman shoes right now. gorge!

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