Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh my...

i've been doing some research lately,
& i've found lots of fun looks i'd love to try out.
they're pretty different, but they all involve going lighter.
which do you think would look best on me??
i would love to hear your opins, as this is a huge deal to me
& could potentially turn out to be a
so what do you think?
tell me, tell me!!
should i try one of these looks or leave my hair the way it is?

here's a little look at what sara, zaz & i made last night.
 & let me tell you,
it's just as delish (if not more so) today!


  1. Wow, that would be a new look for you! You can do it because you're fair skinned, but are you ready for the root-look touch ups?

  2. You look fabs as a brunette, I say stay that way! Maybe with a few caramel highlights and a few more layers? I'm clearly not the person to ask about hair.

  3. I agree with Sara, I like brunette Chloe! But definitely could add some dimension with caramel highlights and a little more dramatic cut? I def wouldn't go as blonde as #1 or #3...even as a natural blonde, I'm having trouble maintaining it! You'll look amazing whatever you decide! xoxo

  4. I think natural summer sun-kissed highlights are the way to go...but thats just me. Cut & Style-wise I like #1,2, and 6. you'll have to check out my hair when we get to WC.....