Friday, May 22, 2009

Color(s) of The Week:

oh my! i totally forgot to do the color of the week!
well well, this is just unacceptable.
i promise i'll get back to blogging regularly - things have just been a little crazy lately, what with unpacking, moving all my shizzie into my room, looking for a job, catching up with peeps, etc. but that is neither here nor there. this week's colors are....

& blue.

in honor of memorial day weekend.
god bless america.
are you doing anything exciting?
we're having a bbq/grill & chill party at our house. my aunt vikki, uncle rick, cousins lisa, michael, nicky & karen are all coming over for yummy food. & fab company, obvs.

guess what...
i'm getting wood floors put in my bedroom! hey pearl!
my room smells like cat pee pee. it's so freaking nast.
another fun fact: i'm allerg to cats. we have 3 of them.

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