Tuesday, May 26, 2009


today, my sister & i got free tickets to the cubs game. an hour or so before the game, it started raining. 15 minutes into on our drive downtown it started pouring so hard that i couldn't see out the windshield. sure that the game would be called off, my dad called & recommended that i turn around and head back home. 5 minutes from home, we got another call from dad saying that the game was on. 2 minutes later: "oh & the cubs are winning, 2-0."

i love cubs games.
to me, they epitomize chicago summers.
rain or shine, margs and i were set on going. we even got all decked out in our cubbies gear.
& daaaaang we looked good. in the loyal fan sort of way.
marce, remember when we bought cubs t-shirts for the game when you were here?? therioooooooo(t)! well i still have mine & i love it.
oh well. as bummed as i was to miss out on an evening of cubs, ballpark hotdogs & cold miller light (perfection!), i can't deny that the yummy dinner i came home to, the mini chocolate chip ice cream sammy snack, & the thunderstorm i'm currently enjoying all did the job of keeping the inclement weather from ruining my evening.

..& now i'm off to bed..
nighty night, lovies.

in case you were wondering, the cubs won.

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