Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Counting down the hours...

yes, yes. in a mere 31 hours, i'll be on my way to
s'mores, bikerides, white sand & waves. i just can't wait.
even if it does rain everyday like suggests,
i know we will have the most wonderful time.

as for today...
i'm just packing away & trying to get rid of some furniture.
already sold the desk, woo woo!
this is what my apt looks like right now:
notice that we no longer have a cable box or dvd player hooked up. wah wah.
i'm thinking that with all the packing done, the move will be relatively easy - minus the fact that we have 80 million stairs in our apartment.

in other news,
i'm saying goodbye to my dallas peeps tonight.
northpark with sara.
then ice cream with elise, yans & whit.

...what a depressing blog post...
a little cheerful news:
i'm getting my hur did tomorrow.
hey gurllllll!

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