Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

first off, let me just tell you that this weekend was
so much fun!
i miss watercolor already.
i'll make sure to post some pics & fill you in on all the deets asap :)

i don't have much to "confess" this particular sunday night
other than that this trip has further confirmed that i am blessed beyond measure when it comes to how amazing my friends are.
as the hours leading up to my move dwindle, i'm full of nostalgia & sadness. i found out tonight that my parents plan on loading up and getting on the road by tomorrow afternoon, which means that i might not even have the chance to say goodbye to some of you. wah.

so to those who were in watercolor with me this past weekend and those who were not, i love you all so much.
whether we met at smu orientation the summer before freshman year, in the dorms, at the chi-o house, or at work, you've become my second family and i can't imagine what these past 6 years would have been like without each and every one of you. there's no doubt that you are the reason i will always look back at my time in dallas as some of the happiest years of my life.
and although i have absolutely no intention of losing touch with any of you just because i'm moving, i do want for you to know that i will miss you all terribly. i'm so thankful for all the joy you've brought to my life, the support you've lent, and the advice you've shared.
what will life be like without tivo marathons, gossip seshes, road trips, dance parties, movie nights, tailgates, knox st, & gummies?
thanks for making my time in dallas unforgettable.
but this is definitely not goodbye...
just see ya waiter!
i love you all. hold down the fort while i'm gone.

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