Saturday, May 30, 2009


in one day, i recieved all of the following compliments:
i look like i belong on the hills
i'm stylish & pretty
i'm invited to vegas with "the girls" in august
all the guys "think i'm awesome"
according to vince
& kyle has a crush on me
kyle is hot! :) if you need a boost in self esteem, come to chicago..
or drink for 10 hrs straight & people are bound to throw some compliments your way, ha!

and yes, i drank for 10 hours yesterday.
not constant, but still. that's absurd. tailgate style.
i took the train downtown to meet my cousin lisa & some of her work/not work friends for happy hour. lisa works at the board of trade so she gets off work at 2pm.
we went to citizen on erie first. it's a rooftop patio bar & so fun! morgan made friends with nick the bartender so we got 2 rounds of free shots (for 7 girls. that's love). & they had the b.e.s.t. sweet tea lemonade vodka drink.
we left at 6:30ish, at which point we headed over to bull & bear. bobby the bouncer is hotttt. like male underwear model hot. we're totally going there when you come visit me!
took the 10:40 train home... vince, aaron, & some other dude picked me up from the hinsdale station at 11:15 & we headed over to tracy's tavern. again. kyle & steve met up & then i felt like i was going to die.
omg. quite a friday.

hey pearl, why you gotta deactivate your fb & break my heart like that?
if you could also put your wall back up, that'd be delightful.


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