Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shoo giiiiirl

so, i spent a good chunk of this afternoon driving from grocery store to grocery store asking for empty cardboard boxes. i'm sorry but
a) i'm freaking poor & b) even if i had extra cash laying around, i'd rather not be spending it on moving boxes.
anyway, long story short, the search continues. the cashiers and customer service people were all so willing to ask around & give me helpful suggestions though. just people helping people.

back to packing.

i'm sure you've seen or at least heard about this hilarious but rather vulgar you tube video, but have you seen the one made in response to it? as someone who has witnessed a multitude of guy friends sing and act out the afore mentioned song while playing beer pong & becoming increasingly intoxicated, this had me laughing. so approp.
was this made in dallas?? i think i spy lotus.

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