Monday, May 4, 2009


yay for little projects that help you remember fun times.
as previously mentioned, i spent some time scrapbooking last night.
i started working on this project two years ago - right after graduation. it's a collection of pictures and keepsakes from my four years at smu, documenting dorm life, parties, formals, chi-o, trips, friends & fun.
i haven't touched it in a year, so when i came across the big book with photos and concert tickets sticking out while going through all the junk i'm going to have to start packing one of these days, i decided i should get out the glue stick and spray adhesive.
definitely a work in progress, but it's looking great already!
i'll try to figure out a way to give yall a little peek at it when it's done. :)
on a completely unrelated note,
yay jill!
whitney & i took rooms out for a celebratory lunch today.
so happy for you!

okay, off to pick up some pb at the grosh.
can't wait for laguna & sugar tonight with zazzle & sara.
our very last baking party ever. tears.

don't you wish you could go to the kentucky derby
so you had an excuse to wear outrageous hats like these?
...some day...

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