Saturday, July 18, 2009

Salty & Sweet

i was craving some homemade sweetness,
so i did a little experimenting & this was the final product:
praline-y goop on a pretzel.
insanely simple to make & soooo gooooood.

makes about 30 pretzel pralines
heat 1 stick butter in a pot until completely melted
add 2 tsp vanilla, turn the heat on the stove to low
add 2.5 cups light brown sugar to the mixture
add 1 at a time, stirring in before adding the next
note: my mixture was a little thick so i added a tiny bit of water to the pot (just enough to thin it out a bit. less than 1/4 cup)
add nuts - about a bag's worth/as many as you need to take up most of the gooey sugar coating
i didn't have whole pecans, so i used a mixture of walnuts, unsalted almonds,
& crushed pecans
note: i think i'll toast the raw nuts next time before adding to mixture
still on low heat, mix nuts into the mixture
lay pretzels on parchment paper
the original flavor pretzel crisps sold at costco worked perfectly
scoop spoonfuls of coated nuts & goo onto pretzels
let cool

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