Friday, August 28, 2009

TCBY in hand.

happy friday, lovebugs.

sorry for my brief hiatus these past 2 days.
things have been nuts around here on the reals. not exciting nuts, just generally more hectic than usual. we're in the middle of giving our house a mini makeover - painting the walls, ceilings, & baseboards, cleaning closets, putting wood floors in. ugh, it's awful. but we all have our bedrooms back which means no more shacking on floors, couches, & chairs like a homeless.
other than that, i've been working my tail off.
& that's pretty much it.

today peter michael & i took my kitty to the vet.
-sitting pretty like the princess she is-
sammy cat is terrified of the car/her carrying case/the vet because the last time she dealt with the afore mentioned, she woke up without her internal lady parts, totally drugged up on anesthesia, unable to move, & in a great deal of pain.
i'm now $240 poorer, but she's been puking all over the place for the past couple of weeks now, so it was totally necessary that we get her checked out. she cried the most pathetic little howl the whole way which totally broke my heart. & then she had to get bloodwork & a pee sample taken. poor baby! i hope she's okay.
i have a serious attachment to this kitten. it's like i birthed her. so if you happen to remember her while laying in bed & saying your nightly prayers, i would greatly appreche.

&&&& now i'm just chillin.
watching 17 again, tcby in hand.
& i'm pretty sure this is how my evening will go.
i'm going downtown with lisa, kristen, etc. tomorrow night, which guarantees a crazy night to come (you may remember this...) + i have tickets to the cubs game on sunday, so i really have no overwhelming desire to party tonight. this moment, at least...

whatever this weekend has in store for you,
i wish you a crazy, fun, animal-puke-free time!

& don't forget to wish sara good luck on her reality show audition at the girls room next week!! hahaha ;) xo!

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