Thursday, August 13, 2009

Closet Shopping

have i ever mentioned how out of control my mom's closet is? back in the day, about 25 years ago, my dad made a shiiiton of money in like 2 days. &&& welcome to the good life.
if only i had been around to take advantage of those shoppin sprees!

so while cleaning out the closets this evening, margaux & i played dress up. i mean, come on. who wouldn't?
vintage vintage vintage.
couture everywhereeeee.
valentino . versace . fendi . oh my!
check dem furz.
the fendi is my favorite. & the initials/name plates stitched in the lining of the coats. so dainty.

fortunately for margaux & her tininess, my mom was a size 2/4 up until a few years ago. she was also a size 8 shoe, which means that my size 9 feet & 4/6 booty got passed up when it came to those vintage valentino boots & versace skirts.
but there were still a ton of things for me, like this couture (aka straight off the runway!) versace.


i saw funny people tonight.
it was hilarious! but sad at the same time. i just love that whole cast. i recommend. :)

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