Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sheer, my dear...

i used to be strictly anti when it came to sheer tights, always opting for the opaque variety or none at all. but i've been seeing sheer black tights pop up lately & i'm loving them!
especially with the sweet little polka dots. hearts? extra points. :)
{i can't remember. :( ..sorry. isn't it fabulous though??}

a girl i know is trying to round up a group to go skydiving at the end of august. i've always wanted to go skydiving, but i'm terrified!! should i do it!?

i got such sweet feedback from you guys about my little sketches yesterday! thank you, thank you!! i'll definitely post more. & yes jill, i'll make you one for your apt. :)

words of wisdom, via upper room:
"...The truth is that God does know what each of us needs for each day. God can and does speak to each of our hearts through the words we read, the smile of a stranger, a call from a friend, and many other encounters that help us with individual needs and problems. We need only be open to the Holy Spirit and aware of the "coincidences" that take place in our daily lives to hear God speak to us or see God's hand at work."

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