Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i ate a sickening amount of food at heaven on seven today.
it was amazing & i was hungry.
i'm psyched about the expected summer weather we have coming to us in chicago this week.
fin.a.lly. see ya at the beach!
i'm seriously considering buying this book.
is that weird?
i'm really going to miss my walk/runs around the midwest club.
we're officially moving. who knows when though. or where.
margaux & i are slowly making our way through the disney classics.
so far we've covered: aladdin, little mermaid, snow white, sleeping beauty, jungle book, 101 dalmatians, peter pan, alice in wonderland, beauty & the beast, hercules.
on queue: lion king, cinderella, dumbo, three caballeros, robin hood, pocahontas.
i think i did something not good this weekend, pretty much screwing up my chances with both of the boys i'm currently interested in.
...i may or may not elaborate on this topic, depending on how this week & next weekend go...
i updated my itunes with some ballin new songs.
i also updated my blog tunes. enjoy.

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