Sunday, August 16, 2009


this weekend was so fun!!
here's a recap, in place of sunday night confessional - because this will (hopefully?) be more entertaining anyway.
i met up with jana, nicole, & some of nicole's friends for sushi & wine on friday night to get the party started. hey-oooooo! after sush, we went back to nicole's apt in lincoln park for cocktails, where nicole's bf & a bunch of his guy friends met up with us. it could've been the beer goggles, but his one friend erik was channing tatum look-a-like h.o.t.
so after hanging out & drinking for a while, we all headed over to victory liquors. it's not nearly as wonderful as knox st, but it was still a ton of fun. some random creeper came up & tried to dance with me before licking my mouth. seriously. i didn't even know what to do. it's all good though - i made out with erik & he's been texting me all weekend. he's cute plus he has a job & an apartment, so that's 3 points for him.
sushi, cocktails, dancing, & cute boys. yes please.
my cousin nicky had 2 extra tickets to the blink 182/fall out boy/panic at the disco concert, so jana & i went. it was completely sold out - 30,000 peeps. & i can see why because it was the best concert ever. &&& it was free, which made it even better.
here are some pics/vids:

the night ended with the purchase of some sweet concert t's/hoodies & a midnight trip to mcdonalds.
i's obsese & i's okay wit it.
went downtown to watch the air & water show from the beach,
but it rained.
not the best part of my weekend.

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  1. um, the best part of your weekend was spending it with me. obvi. great weekend love, miss you already! xoxo