Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i spent $70 at a bar last night.
lisa, kristen, & i met up with some other girls they're friends with at underground downtown. it was a lot of fun - we danced the night away, it ended with minimal disaster. jeremy piven was having a private party there so even with my connections (HAHA as if. they were kristen's connections), we had to pay a $20 donation toward a charity jeremy piven supports i guess. whatever, not a huge deal.. except for the fact that i'm broke as a joke & vodka sodas were $9 each. i had.. a few....
& this is the only pictoral i took:
both of those belong to kristen. it was about 3am at this point & despite the fact that kristen puked immediately after taking this shot, we stayed at "ug" as it's apparently known for another 45 minutes. oh my life.
i'm an awful church-goer.
i'm also an awful friend.
marciny, i promise promise promise to call you this week. love you, sorry i'm so sketchy.
i promised my cousin nicky i would puppy-sit for him this coming up weekend & all the following week. i also said i would go to the dunes with vince, steve, jon, etc. that weekend. oops.

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