Saturday, June 20, 2009

85 & sunny. FINALLY.

well hello summer!
i've missed you.

i think i'm going to go for a little work out.
then some lounging at the pool.
then going to the chicago slaughter game & out downtown with lisa, kristen, morgan, & all those crazies. can't wait!!

i was going to stay in last night after being caught in the rain on my way back from sushi, but then i figured that it was friday night & i didn't have anything better to do. so i met steve, vince, aaron, & some other peeps out at dj's (a tracy's-ish bar nearby). i didn't get there until midnight, but i'm still glad i went.

i saw this pic of blake lively the other day &
was planning on posting about how fab her hot pink dress was
but that selly b over at elements of style beat me to it.

i'm also loving this top, this ring, & these shoes!
i can't wait for the day that i have money to burn on the finer things in life. ;)

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