Thursday, June 25, 2009

Color of the Week:


i've been doing this color on my toes for the past couple of weeks,
so i figured it was time for the fingers to get in on the action.
i love this shade: opi most honorable red

all set for my 8am meeting in lemont tomorrow morning!
it's not for sure, but i might be freelancing for patti group for a while.
if all goes well & i decide i like it there, it might be turning into a full-time gig. we shall seeeeeee.
i have to wake up at 6 - so not used to that anymore.
off to bed. night!

i still can't believe michael jackson passed away today.
as crazy as he was, there's no denying the huge mark he left on the world.
prayers to his fam. & farrah's too of course.

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