Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Church Mouse

sorry for being so quiet, friends.
mom & i went to neocon at the merchandise mart this morning.
it's a 3 day trade show downtown, but we decided to just go for the majority of the day yesterday & for a little while today. tomorrow's my day off, which means no 6am wake up - woop woop!

so i'm just hanging out, watching true blood on tv.
have you ever seen it?? i never had. it's basically an R rated rip-off of twilight.
i kinda like it though.
& eating the tapioca pudding dad made for dessert.
because my life is that.freaking.exciting.

in other news, i'm obsessed with this dress.
some day soon, when i'm rich & fabulous, spending my evenings dining, dancing, & attending glamourous parties with my husband (who will have an uncanny resemblance to brody jenner), i'll wear this dress.

i think my friend steve tried to ask me out last night.
pretty sure i dodged that bullet though. sleeps..
g'night, my darlings!

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