Thursday, June 11, 2009

Color of the Week:


so profesh.

okay, so here's what's up...
the job:
as yall know, i had my interview at skirt on tuesday. it went really well & i would love love love to get the job. i'm kinda scurred though because, as i mentioned the other day, there's a pretty big pool of people vying for the position. so i tuned in my writing sample today & now it's just a waiting game, i guess!
the other job:
remember when i mentioned my interview at patti group from a couple weeks ago? well they called yesterday. they want me to meet with the marketing peeps. yay! but i'd much rather spend my day writing about fashion and beauty at skirt pr.
the boy:
klye called me on saturday night & left a message saying he wanted to get together this week. tick tock... it's thursday night & i haven't heard from him yet. vince says he's shy (& it did take him a good 10 minutes of talking about music & high school for him to work up the courage to kiss me last weekend) so whatever, but comeeee onnnnnn.
the extras:
i electrocuted myself while unplugging my computer.
for real. i'm fine though.
my aunt has been in a lot of pain lately.
please pray for her.
sometime margaux & i speak in foreign accents just for fun.
as if you didn't know we were strange.
i think i'm going downtown & partying it up in wrigleyville saturday night. hollersssss i love wrigleyville!
my cousin lisa & her friends are going to the cubs game so i'll meet up with all of them. i'll invite my only friends as well. it could be a fun night!
i'm watching american psycho with margaux right now.
casey, direct line from this movie: "i have to go return some video tapes." that's comforting that your dance partner had american psycho on his mind....
yes, whitney. i did fall off the face for a while there. but i'm back now!

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