Wednesday, June 10, 2009


hi friends!
sorry for not posting yesterday.
i have so much to tell you.
unfortunately, it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

i've been so super swamped. yesterday i had my interview so of course my day was spent preparing for that, getting my nails did, etc. etc.
just fyi - it went really well!!
i so hope that i get the job. i'm kind of freaking out though - the lady who interviewed me said that there's a lot of competition for this position. apparently people have flown in from out of state to interview, others are willing to take a lesser title, candidates vary from currently employed to unemployed... all across the board.
so right now i'm working on a writing sample due back tomorrow.
long story short, i have to write a press release dealing with current bedding trends for one client, a pitch taking about how she boutique (another client) fits in with the fashion trends of the season, a summer beauty pitch for a celeb magazine focusing on EcoTools, and a jewelry trend pitch incorporating dana rebecca designs.
i'll be locked in the house for the rest of the day - that's for damn sure.
how exciting though!?

so if you wouldn't mind saying a little prayer for me,
i would greatly appreciate it.
dear god,
please send me creativity & the ability to focus on the task at hand. let me impress the women at skirt pr with how well-written, entertaining, and informative my press release & pitches are. pleaseeeee let me get this job.
amen amen amen!

love you all!
...more to come...

i electrocuted myself last night.

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