Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh please stop.

dear joe jonas,
i am so embarrassed for you.
don't ever. ever. do that again.

my mom's on the asid board so i went to a meeting with her today & made some ballin connections. sho bish!
i also helped mom stage a house & earned $40 for my hard work & valuable input. ;)
color of the week will have to wait until tomorrow.
i read this today. it was a much needed little reminder that while life is good & i'm enjoying making new friends, i would never want to forget about my old ones. yall are the real deal.
i have a crush on another boy. he's tall & tan with dark hair & the hottest bone structure i've ever seen. hot like brandon. but hotter. i saw him while eating lunch at labriola with margaux today after picking her up after her finals. he kept looking at me & i was all "heck yeah!" until margs told me she knows him. & he's a senior in high school. bible i'm not a ped. he looks 26, no joke. the crush ended upon hearing that news.
watermelon is delicious. i can't believe i used to not like it.
i finally watched the gossip girl season finale. seriously, i just watched it for the 1st time, can you believe that!? chuck & b foreverrrr, xoxo.

how presh are these stamps that my mom picked up the other day?

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