Friday, June 26, 2009

$$ Get Money, Get Paid $$

i got a job.
albeit a temporary one.
i'm freelancing for patti group. deets to come.

so the weekend is off to a good start!

any fun plans?
i didn't plan well when i told my cousin i'd puppysit for him this weekend (actually, this weekend, all next week, & next weekend. they'll be in puerta vallarta until the 4th of july. yeah.) after also having told my friends i would go to the indiana dunes with them this weekend. oh well, they're camping (like real camping... in tents...) so i'm not that upset about missing an opportunity to sleep outside. i think i'm going to drive up tomorrow morning, spend all day there & drive home tomorrow night. vince said it's only an hour or so away. ain't no thang!
as for tonight, my little cousin jake is having an 8th grade graduation party at 7:30, so i'll go to that for an hour or two.
hopefully i'll get to see the hangover tonight too! 7 weeks later...
whatevs, i'm psyched.

i changed the color of the week pictoral because it was just too awk.

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