Saturday, June 6, 2009


weekends are the best. i just love saturdays.
even when they're tainted by sleep deprivation caused by friday night's partying, beer ponging, flippy cupping, make outing (yep! more to come on that topic later), & not returning until 9am the next morning-ing.
my mom was drinking her coffee in the living room when i walked in dressed in my clothes from the night before. that was special.

: r e c a p :
i went to vince's party last night. lets just begin by saying that i was under the impression that vince and this kid richie had an apartment together somewhere in hinsdale. i was wrong. they have a house. but no, it's not their house... it is richie's mom's house. vince lives with richie, richie's mom, richie's brother, & some other rando girl. i find that rather strange.
whatever though, the party was fun. we played beer pong (kyle was my partner & thank goodness for that. he's good), flip cup (at least i make up for my lack of beer pong skills with my bomb cup flipping abilities), & bags.
oh, time out. did i tell yall about "the game?"
jon, aaron, alexis & i are playing the game. this game doesn't end. it just resumes every time we get together.
there's only 1 rule: you cannot say the word "mine." all night. not in conversation or in ear-shot of anyone playing the game. if you do, you have to immediately drop & do 10 push-ups. it doesn't matter where you are. when we started playing last weekend, i ended the night with 30 push-ups under my belt - all done right there in front of the dart board at tracy's tavern with everyone watching. last night i did 10 push-ups in the grass at the party, mid bags game. but nothing beats the fact that the boys pulled over to let alexis get out & do her 10 push-ups on the side of the road. ha!
anyway, on to the good part.
i made out with a cute boy last night. & he called me today asking if i wanted to do something this week. hey, pearl! i'll keep you postie.

so basically, after that night of debauchery & my attempt to function in society today, my body was in no condition to go out tonight.
so here i am - comfy on my bed, relaxing while blogging & listening to itunes. fantastique.
speaking of, do you want to see what my room looks like now that the wood floors are in place & my furniture has been put back in!?
check it.

cute, right!? i love it.

...what else...
lisa, michael, auntie vikki & uncle rick are coming over to celebrate peter michael's bday tomorrow. yay! i love my family so much.
speaking of, the bday cake i made for petri yesterday was deeeelish.
it had a layer of strawberries in the center & was covered with homemade vanilla cheesecake frosting. mmmmmm.

now i'm off to pick my brother up from a party because he's been drinking & i'm the lame-o who stayed in tonight. :)
xoxo, lovies.
hope you're enjoying your weekend.

yay for catching up with anne yesterday! love you.

i couldn't help myself.

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